GC has become easy meat?

The Street Rep for Damar Bayu 3B (Hanson Teow) has reported to me that there had been a break-in between 9-10 PM earlier (6 April, 2013). The owner will be making a police report later today and hopes to be able to review the CCTV footage at the [capsized] boat house.

Please be alert.

I will be asking MR. Rafiq to check the CCTV footage between 8-10 PM to see whether all visitors during this period were properly processed by NGF security.

If the thieves did not enter via the main gate, how and where did they get in?

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11 Responses to GC has become easy meat?

  1. Can we get some snap shots of the perpetrators? At least we can see how they look like, if anyone seen them before, what sort of car they are driving etc. Just a week ago around 10pm, I saw a car parked (engine off, light switched off) at the corner facing my house. I went for a walk and came back 30 minutes later, the car was still there. There were 2 people inside but I couldn’t see their faces clearly. Fearing they are up to no good…I called the security (not once but twice, the 2nd time to check what time they will be coming) and gave them the vehicle number and description of the car. Another 30 minutes went by and no one came from the security and the car left. The security never came and no one called me back to follow up. It might be just a resident sitting in the car but the security could have at least taken my complaint seriously to check and verify. Another scenario, it was in the evening, I was coming home from work and saw 2 “rowdy” looking cars on the visitor lane. Each car had 1 guy on the driver seat. Then there was another guy on a motorbike (shirtless) unlikely to be a resident of GC talking to the guards. Although all these guys were giving me scary stares, I asked the guard who are these people and he said resident and his visitors. I can’t ask further because this is what the guard told me. Both cars and the “shirtless resident” ride/drove their vehicles at high speed towards phase 2. I’m doubtful if this person was a resident. Going forward, if I have my doubts, I will put more effort to investigate further, perhaps to the extent of following the car to the residence.

  2. janicepykwong says:

    Firstly how does the robbers know which hses the owners are not at home? Secondly how do the robbers know when the owner will return or will not? Thirdly why is the guard on duty allowing entry without calling owner? These cases are very similar to those that happened at other gated n guarded houses that were break-in last year. Could it be some syndicate targeting these gated n guarded community lately? Why are our guards not checking visitor’s car booth before allowing them to leave GC? If GCD is unable to answer these questions, then it is time to change the Security Co. Otherwise don’t ask us to pay security fee.

    • Gary says:

      Bad management and good security doesn’t exist. Nor does Good management and bad security (this one maybe la). In the latter then security company has to go. In our case its the former. So if we were to sack the security company, that will not help the situation. Sack the current management I would say. In the meantime, we should start cooperating with our neighbours to watch each other’s house when we are away, even if its just for dinner. I would willingly do this. Especially if you are going on a holiday, just inform your neighbour that you are going and not ecpecting anyone to go to your house (no family, etc…) so anyone entetring your house or moving things in the pretense of doing work, would raise suspiscion. On a separate note, I’ve checkedout the MyDistress.Net, really good. Thanks to Johann dunno how I have not stumbled upon this earlier.

  3. Wonder if the neighbour who spotted them alerted security. They would have had to pass 3 security points (2 as the one at the road is a free-for-all entry point) getting out, unless there are unguarded roads leading to P2.

    • wkchoo says:

      Unfortunately the neighbour did not have the security number and by the time they drove to guard hse, nothing can be done. GC residents, pls record the number accordingly 03-31651961.

  4. lionelsharon says:

    Heard of items stolen or lost in the past and the then pro-team committees received news that they untrue or many “stories” Now this is a very true situation and we should starts to get our act collectively to ensure GCD is taking the security services in this area seriously and not play play.

  5. Gary says:

    We need house rules and people need to follow these rules, GCD needs to enforce DMC and house rules or ship out really. As residents we have to follow the rules and empower our guards to uphold the rules and not scold them for not letting your whole gang/village/kampung in without registering. Because now the guards will not stop anybody without a card in fear of being scolded. Also did the guards call the owner before allowing access. 9-10 pm? Are they starting to sleep early?

  6. The thieves had pulled up in a black van and entered the house via the back door. How did they know that’s the weak point and no one will be home? They carted away a TV, designer handbags plus other things. The men were spotted by a neighbor who yelled before they sped off.

    We’ll see what the camera can reveal.

    • wkchoo says:

      Heads must roll!!!! What if it’s not material items….physical harm or worst. GCROA residents, we must demand for a satisfactory explanation and remedy action.

  7. wkchoo says:

    Now we can see if the CCTV is really working. However take note that its very easy for anyone to come in from lagoon 3 as its totally exposed. We need to be extra careful and keep an eye for each other. Most bought hse here on security reason and breaches of this tantamount for a review of “security measurement”.

  8. rlshawnie says:

    The thing that we fear will happen is happening now. I did notice that the boathouse boomgate (visitor’s lane) is wide open and no cone was place in the middle of that lane since saturday if my recollection serves me right. By sheer habit, I kept using the resident’s lane waving the access card and chiding myself for not using the wide open boomgate on my left as I passed.

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