GC has become easy meat? Yes.

Second break-in reported this evening into a home on Damar Bayu 5, my street. Yikes!

Owner was away for a few days. Came home to discover a forced entry via the back door. Similar modus operandi as DB3B burglary. Possibly the same gang was involved.

Five expensive watches worth about RM80,000 were taken in this heist.

Police report has been lodged and an investigating officer has met both victims.

Police will review the CCTV footage as part of their official investigation.

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5 Responses to GC has become easy meat? Yes.

  1. yfyin says:

    Since the 2 burglaries attemp were productive, done with ease and a success, unless some drastic actions are taken by GCD security force to tighten security enforcement, through my experience, the burglars will continue to come this few more days for free meat.
    As they came in and out with a black van and our dummy security guards had blindly opened both checkpoints’ boom gates for them, GCD is fully responsible for the losses.
    Right from the beginning, the boom gates should not be opened by a wave of the hands in either lanes, all owners should come down to register themselves if they do not possess the access cards, especially the hardcore defaulters, they are putting all residents in high risk.

    All reidents must have both the boathouse and security
    manager: Rafiz’stelephone numbers recorded in their mobiles so that if you spotted the thieves, you can notify the guards to stop them at the boathouse.

    For those who put branded bags, watches, computers lying around the house, I would suggest that you buy a huge safe and put them inside as you need more then 3 person to cart this away.

    It is both GCD and the guards’ fault!

  2. rlshawnie says:

    Agreed wholeheartly with Gary. Looks like we got to step up on these process soonest possible. Come on guys, those who have yet to sign on the consent form for GCROA to represent us to negotiate with CCD on security handover, Please do it Now.
    Time is of the essence. There are many more steps to take before we eventually take over security management.

  3. Gary says:

    Just like in Gotham city except we don’t have Batman. But we do have the GCROA and we have to support the take over of maintenance and security in terms of numbers and financially (ie pay your bills when they take over) because there will be no better management than a management by the people who live here… The residents

    • boyscout2b says:

      These break-ins were just waiting to happen given the sloppy security at GC. Some vendors (who have been to GC previously) even laughed when I tell them they have to stop/register at the guardhouse. This may be an opportune moment to drum up GCROA membership.

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