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Jeff Harris (P1) sent me this extract from the Deed of Mutual Covenants he had signed:

DMC_clause 3

I believe all P1 property owners and the early birds in P2 will have the above version of Clause 3.

I purchased my property in October 2007 and in my version the last sentence has been struck off.

Anyway, if you feel transparency is important to you and GCD must comply with the above provision in the DMC, let the company know that until it produces the list of the services provided, the expenditure incurred and the amount of such contribution due to GCD  in respect thereof, GCD has not furnished you with a proper invoice.


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2 Responses to Back to School

  1. Many residents have opined, like you have, that they won’t mind paying more for better services and if they know where the money is going. Can you expect better services from the present maintenance personnel? I have my own opinion on that but others have been around for far longer and they are better judges perhaps.

    Going strictly by the clause, yes, you are right that after the first 6 months, the bill should be on a monthly basis. We had to sign the DMC to buy a property here and the wordings in the DMC are entirely the product of GCD. When I read the DMC the first time, I had thought this monthly thing was rather silly because of the administrative workload that it will entail. Thus when I later received a quarterly bill, that was acceptable to me. And most residents accept this, I dare say. Let it be.

    The crux of the matter is what type of expenditure and how much. The practical way is for GCD to produce an estimate of the maintenance expenses at the beginning of each year and bill on that basis together with their profit margin. We can’t be getting things for free. In this budget we should be in a position to know how certain expenditure gets apportioned between GCD and property owners, like the contract touted by GCD that engages five workers to maintain the common areas not yet taken over by MPK. This contract pays in excess of four figures (source withheld). Who carries the can for the work done at Seri Santai?

    Adjustments can be made quarterly or half-yearly so neither party loses out.

  2. boyscout2b says:

    Thanks Johann for drawing our attention to this jewel! You should note that the clause used the past tense: “services provided” and “expenditure incurred”. I suppose that should mean that GCD has to incur the expenses first before they can bill you; ie. GCD billing should be on retrospective basis. I wonder, therefore, can GCD bill us quarterly in advance? Or are their billings for the next quarter based on incurred expenses for the previous quarter? I guess without the required transparency we won’t really know (a) how much is the actual contribution required (b) where our fees are being spent!. For the record, I don’t mind paying more if I knew where our money is being spent and that the apportionment is fair.

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