All hands on ramp!

This is a pictorial guide on how to retrieve a boat if you use the crooked ramp beside Seri Santai.

Reminder: You must have enough hands to guide the boat in and someone (your spouse perhaps) must be willing to waddle in the mud.


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5 Responses to All hands on ramp!

  1. shirleepoel says:

    yeah, an f… developer.. are you sure there is no hidden message…they are telling others, “we are effingthem”

  2. Gary says:

    GCD can provide 6 workers to help us launch and retrieve our boats then the case of the crooked can be settled. This service will have to be a 24/7 service with workers being at our beck and call. The cost of this service is totally bourne by GCD.

    • You dreaming?

      The cost of this service is totally bourne by GCD. So this is the Bourne Ultimatum with you instead of the shorter Matt Damon?

      • Gary says:

        heh heh… Happy belated April Fool’s day

        • Gary,

          This is no joke, if you have at least RM4.4 million. Launched on 17 January of this year. According to the agent the roof top balcony is large enough to hold bbq/cocktail parties. In GC, we can hold it by the river (with mosquito repellent). Grand entrance wall and stately name. Check these out:

          The Effingham

          Effingham show unit

          The management company had better perform well otherwise the property owners will be effing ’em all the time.

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