2013 AGM: New Committee

The following have been elected to serve the Members for the next two years:

President                                    Johann Foo
Vice-President                           Santok Singh
Secretary                                   Jeff Harris
Assistant Secretary                  Sharmila Senin
Treasurer                                   Albert Mok
Assistant Treasurer                  Anbaharan Nagappan
Kulwant Steiger                         Committee Member
Taizo Hirano                              Committee Member
Shirlee Poel                                Committee Member
Hasbiah Bt Yahaya                    Committee Member
YF Yin                                         Committee Member
Gary Geh                                    Committee Member
Manoharan Krishnasamy         Committee Member

Some pictures from the gathering:


DSC00534DSC00543DSC00530DSC00544DSC00538DSC00548DSC00550DSC00535DSC00556DSC00555DSC00554DSC00549New Street Representatives  shall be announced shortly.

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2 Responses to 2013 AGM: New Committee

  1. lionelsharon says:

    Congratulation to the new committees. Continue the good team work. Perseverence will prevail to give GCD a good challenge as their KPI is far below residents expectation.

  2. Gary says:

    Eh!? how come GCD magically found the logic, heart, brains and most importantly the money to carry out proper maintenance? Wah! new tarpaulin for the boats, lawns evenly cut, roads look like the first day of srping. I would like to invite the HQ fellas to my house, then maybe my grass verge will be cut, my drains will be unclogged, the road infront will be leaf free as well. Then I will bring the people from HQ for a tour to the play ground, boardwalk, jetty, lagoon…. drive them out of GC’s one and only entrance/exit to port klang for some nice seafood. THEN MAYBE all these areas will also be given the attention they should. While having seafood with our esteemed guest… I will explain to them how GCD has been enjoying gaji buta all this while and saying that they have been working hard to pam tayar keretapi.

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