Divide and Rule

P1 residents have been served with a notice from GCD of the developer’s intention to stop the provision of security services with effect from January 1, 2014, or earlier. GCD is entitled to serve this notice as the Security Period provided for in the Deed of Mutual Covenants has already expired. P2’s security Period expires on December 31, 2015.

The reason given by GCD is that the continued provision of the service is no longer commercially viable on their part. Let’s be frank and acknowledge the rates for both security and maintenance services are on the low side when compared with other gated and guarded communities. On top of this, GCD has kept the rates unchanged for the last 5 years. Let’s not debate their business strategy, however strange it looks. A problem they will face if they were to make any sharp upward move in the rates is the concern many residents will have whether more money will lead to better things after the experience we’ve had. Life is difficult if you are between a rock and a hard place.

In the letter GCD has asked all P1 property owners to come together to elect a committee to represent the majority. It can be an informal group of ‘like minded citizens’, I suppose. The problem is you may have owners questioning the legitimacy of the group and whether it has majority support. It can be an excuse for not paying the dues. Presently, the percentage of P1 owners who are in default with GCD is quite staggering, despite GCD having some firepower under the DMC and they have been together for a much longer period. Even then, with the muscle, there may be factors that hinder their ability to pull the trigger, like counter claims of  non performance, etc. A few have never paid a dime since day 1. So how do you handle these owners?

What firepower will an informal group have to enforce the dues? Goodwill and trust and the desire to live in harmony and that is just about it.

When there are different security service providers on the ground, accountability issues arise. The GCROA has always maintained that with common areas and shared facilities and the freedom to go into the other precinct, the security service must be an integrated one. Mind you, it is possible to have a single security company and P1 owners have just to pay for the guards within the precinct. If it is that simple, why would GCD issue this notice? Shifting the  payroll burden for a few guards to P1 property owners is small beer. My guess is debt collection problem is the real headache. It is also an opportunity to drive a wedge into the GCROA. They can hope but this Committee will do what it takes to resist, with members’ support.

Note that P1 owners will also have to pay their fair share for the security services for the common areas and facilities and the maintenance services as well. For instance, guards will still have to patrol the boardwalk, the jetties, the (capsized) boat house needs to be manned, etc.  The new clubhouse will not be a free lunch. P2 property owners (who are the better paymasters, I’ve been informed) are no fools and they will want to make sure there is fairness in distributing the cake. Heck, some may just stop payment if they simply do not agree with the maths.

The GCROA will represent P1 property owners who are members of the GCROA and Messrs Jeff Harris and Santok Singh, both of P1, will lead this effort.  The GCROA will also be willing to represent owners who are not members of the GCROA.  Join up so we can be a stronger group. The application form to join the GCROA can be obtained here.

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12 Responses to Divide and Rule

  1. Gary says:

    Thinking about all that has happened eversince Ben Yeoh took over the management, it is quite sad. I have personally never seen a developer give its residents, its customers somuch grieve. Usually developers would like to maintain a good relationship with their customers.

    Having said that, maybe we should thank Ben Yeoh for bringing so much agony to the residents, becouse then this has become our uniting factor. This has brought unity amongst the residents of Glenmarie Cove. This has brought P1 and P2 much closer. There are also more people joining the GCROA and participating actively.

  2. shirleepoel says:

    It is a no win win situation if majority of the residents hold back on their payments. ( i mean being late is okay to push the point across but heck Prec. 1 is what…6 , 7 years old and still teaching GCD a lesson which they are obviously not listening and not working at all?? It is not helping the situation. GCD is definitely not going to pluck money from trees nor from the thousands of leaves i keep getting at my front yard..(alas I wished they were $$$ notes) which i would kindly donate . Anyway..how do we go about to get a change in the GCD management? We have no leverage except some of us who thinks that holding back the maintenance/security fees is good enough. It is obviously not working. One dumb question though, I do read the metro page of the Star paper and it’s mostly some other estates grouses….will we be sued if we aired it over there…you know..heat up GCD’s seat? The public thinks they are buying into what they see and read in the sale prospectus. I know it will work against us as this move may put us at a losing end (no one would invest in our estate and property price will go down blah blah blah ) but something has to give right? Besides that, if you ask me, i think people buy into this place to retire , not to invest. Anyway, we don’t have to beat drums or bang cymbals to make them aware (or distract them from) of the appaling state of the fixtures and fittings around the estate..everything is falling apart. GCD can sugar coat their sales talk, or even dress up their trees but it will not pull wool over the eyes of the prospective buyer. In our case, you see what you’re going to be buying, if you buy.

    • Gary says:

      good observation. they wont listen to us. they wont speak to us. they will sue us for pittance. willing to spend tens of thousands of company funds to sue us in court. company funds or funds collected from other paying residents. why do you think maintenance, security and facilities are in bad shape. because all your money is spent on hiring lawyers to sue us. I would think twice tricce before i pay. i may be funding the lawyer who fights me in court. your money will be used for their legal battles. and we thought they would spend it on CCTVs, jetties, boat ramps, proper security, maintennce, lights. we thought that they are reasonable and would be willing to have a decent discussion and reach a landing.

      • shirleepoel says:

        Gary, sorry, i don’t mean to generalize. I am sure your actions are honorable, i was therefore speaking about the others who jumped onto the no pay wagon just for the ride…(no way to weed out the genuinely disgruntled residents from the blissfully ignorant joyriders.)

        Question, if we take over the complete management of the estate
        1) Will the non-payers pay? or will they continue with their blissful ignorance?
        2) Will our collection (if all pay up) be able to sustain the cost of maintenance/security?
        3) What other ways are there to make them listen? They are not our employees.
        4) Any lawyers amongst us who could advise on the probability of a suit should we let our plight be publicly known?

        • Gary says:

          No hard feelings Shirley. In my opinion, the issue of non-paying residents can easily be solved by a face to face. This is what the management of GCD should do. Nothing wrong with getting off their horse once in a while. More urgently is getting in a management that are willing to do such things among others, basically do their work for which residents will be happy to pay for. Bad things are hard to get rid off. I do support writing to the press. Bigger papers like the star may not print our story and if they do it will be heavily watered down. Smaller once like the selangor times and the sun will print it but the coverage is not that wide. One other way we could spread awareness is like what is being done in this blog. Go online. for example place a link to certain articles in the blog, at the signature portion of your email. then when you send out emails, the link will get distributed. when friends forward your email, the coverage increases. place links in your FB page, Twitter, place a you tube video about the declining standards. These things us as individuals can easily do and its instant and no need to wait for the cheif editor to approve anything. Spread the awareness with neighbours is another thing I’d do. Alot of ppl know what is going on but they do not know the gravity of things. an evening talk with 2 neighbours is enough. The committee is doing an excellent job, things are progressing slow but there is evidence of progress, So i’d say the other thing we can do is, support the GCROA in any way and for those who are not members…. JOIN 🙂

  3. Gary says:

    I personally think that paying is not the problem. Majority will pay diligently if maintenance and security standards are visibly and evidently maintained at a constant level from the very begining of Glenmarie Cove. Residents who have lived here when Comtrac was in charge and when Prism were the guards experienced an exceptional level of maintenance and security services. They have lived here long enough to witness the steady decline of these services. I don’t blame them for not paying. I belong to this group. Ofcourse there are a small number of residents who are hard core but I’m sure this number is small as most people are reasonable and will pay for what they get. So let’s not harp on the issue of non-paying residents. They do so for a very good reason. I would rather focus on getting the wrong management out from GCD and the right ones in. We need management who are willing to work and are willing to engage residents in constructive, meaningful and fruitful discussions. I hope that the right people in DRB HICOM are reading this and do the right thing, make the right decisions, and intervene before Glenmarie Cove becomes a neglected, forgotten and really just the black sheep of DRB HICOM’s line up of prestigious projects. We need a change in GCD’s management!

    • yfyin says:

      On the 25th January 2013, our President had sent some very comprehensive letters both by hand and post laju to all the big shots in DRB Hicom HQ, but to-date they just kept silent. I am sure they read this website daily but they are just inaction. What do you think we should do next?.

      • Gary says:

        That is a loaded question my friend. But what I can say is that you should join the GCROA (if you are not already a member) and support our efforts to make GC a place we can proudly call home.

      • wkchoo says:

        They don’t give a damn and i think we should highlight to press on our grouses. Just to shake them a little and let other know.

  4. Comments via email by YF Yin on March 19, 2013:

    We are facing major defective issues and they are not just some leaves or branches not clean-up.
    We are complaining about issues like :-

    1) 20 street lights along the river front and lagoon that is not working since year 2011, I used to go jogging after dark at the boardwalk to avoid the day time hot sun, but for the past 2 and half years, I can’t do it any more as I might step on snakes(cobras). In year 2011, they gave us the excuse that the repair is not done yet as they are waiting for QUOTATION.
    The recent lawyer letter reply I received on the 21st January year 2013, they are still saying that they are waiting for QUOTATION. This shows it very clearly that they have taken our money and have no intention to repair the street lights as any 10 year-old will know that you don’t need 3 years to get a quotation.

    2) Other major repairs we are talking about are : a) P1Jetty. b) Riverfront sensors. c) CCTV cameras d) The concrete Perimeter fencing. e) P1 and P2 boom gate sensors.

    3) Defective gym equipment.

    4) The wrongly built crooked ramp, I have to sell my boat as I can’t pull it up for maintenance. And they even had said that P4 perfect ramp will be built in 2012.

    Maybe you should show all residents the pictures attached so that every resident knows the truth of what is happening here.How GCD have treated us like suckers.

    Damaged perimeter wall. Many parts of this wall have cracks that have been patched up with a mortar mix. Won’t be long before the cracks reappear because a weak foundation is likely to be the cause of these cracks.

    Senangin Pier was damaged in February, 2012 by a barge. Still haggling with the insurer I suppose.

  5. shirleepoel says:

    Shame on those P1 residents who have not paid a single dime. It is the same headache other estates face, while not paying, they get to enjoy all the facilities, the security, the whatnots. They should know that it is not possible to clap with one hand. Them not paying makes it difficult for the majority to make or ask for improvements. It’s akin to GCD holding the gun to one poor fella and the rest gets off scot-free and everyone plays the waiting game and sees who gives in first.

    I say, the best method is to try (to obtain the list, is that possible?) and blacklist those who have not paid at all. They will lose their right to the use of the club premise, they shall surrender their security pass card (or whatever you call it)whereby they will have to get their ar#$% down from their car and register like VISITORS. ( sorry i digress, many people are using the visitors lane and the guard just open the gantry to let them through, wah…i also want, beats winding down my window to zap the card…i mean come on..what’s the point?) Okay, back to topic, can’t help if those idiots are still enjoying their rubbish being collected and their grass being mowed. Wish i could make them wear the dunce cap while they fish leisurely on the jetty or take their brisk walks to thin off their arse so that the rest of us would know who they really are.

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