Sungai Langat is alive and well

The following catches were made by resident Md. Nor Hj. Md Jadi (aka Siakap King)

This 9.10 kg whopper was caught on Wednesday, 6th March around 12:30 AM:

9_1 kg siakap

A few days earlier, Md. Nor had caught this udang galah (Sunday, 3rd March 7:00 AM):

udang galah

This udang galah is an adult BC (blue claw) male. Udang galah (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) is a freshwater prawn but come  into brackish water to spawn.

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3 Responses to Sungai Langat is alive and well

  1. calvindb2 says:

    Habis la Choo. Looks like the one that got away from you 2 CNYs ago.

  2. boyscout2b says:

    Waaahhhh!! .. …… time to dig out my fishing rod from the back of my storeroom! Ehhh… what bait did Mat Nor use for the siakap ??

    • Old Misai used live prawn as bait and cast near the rocks as the tide comes in. Then you just need to wait. Use illuminated fishing float in the dark. Md Nor had probably waited a few hundred hours to land the whopper. Ha ha.

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