Plants for Sale

If you are looking to buy more plants for your garden then please visit the home of the late R. Padmanathan (Pat) to take a look at plants that will really grow after you bring it home.  Dear old Pat was indeed a gardener par excellence and what you buy are plants that have been carefully and lovingly nurtured by Pat.

All the family members are working now and it is difficult for them to maintain the garden as it is and so they are looking to sell some of the plants to make the garden more manageable.

The price for the small plants will be between RM10 to RM50, medium-sized ones to go for RM50 – RM200 and the larger, mature plants at around RM500.

You can call Liza on 012 2018611 or just come by the house (No. 18, Damar Laut 2A) to have a look.

Thank you for your support.

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  1. Minerva Yang says:

    very good and special plants, we bought 6 of them.

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