Security guard’s job is now more demanding

tincan1 It is bad enough when the workplace is essentially a tin can.

Many have argued that  the guard posts found at construction sites elsewhere are better looking than the ones in our precincts.

The previous security manager had suggested that GCD will look into ways to beautify this box. We had asked how on earth can metal decking be made to look good. Lipstick on a frog is still a frog. Nothing happened, because the answer is ‘you can’t’.

Well, the job of a guard assigned to this post just got a bit harder. Guards often have to find a balanced approach to solve problems, like residents who come home drunk at 3:00 AM and singing swinging wildly. The guard at this post also has to make sure he is on sound footing. Check it out.

Life in GC is not boring.

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  1. The floor board has been replaced. The new security man is much quicker off his feet than the previous fella.

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