New broom does not sweep clean

Standards have fallen over the past 18 months in Glenmarie Cove.

Renovations to my house were carried out in the April 2011 – June 2011 period and I can remember how strict Security was when they came to dealing with debris and the hoarding around my property’s perimeter.  My contractor was threatened with eviction if the  ‘blue & white’ plastic liner that I used (cheap lah) became excessively torn and was not replaced. On one occasion, they were more picky than usual because ‘someone big’ was coming to visit on a Saturday and all debris were cleared in an effort to impress whoever the biggie was.  I even drove 33 km just to clear some styrofoam lunch boxes that the wind had blown over the place (or the crows did it!) because my neighbour had phoned me to complain and he was upset! I swore as I drove that I will taruk my contactor properly.

That was then and I was happy that I’m going to live in a place where people cared about the surroundings. There was a new general manager and I thought things were looking up. 

Alas, times have changed and I post these pictures to show the ‘new normal’ that the new broom(s) have brought us. And these pictures are only about renovations and constructions. Owners responsible for these conditions are not called to order because the developer is not doing their job, despite the authority implicit in the Deed of Mutual Covenants. The work is too hard, I guess. The look of the surroundings are apparently no longer important. It is okay for residents to drive by these sights daily.

abandon look abandon look 2

Anyone for a discarded bathtub? This is something that you may see in an old rundown or abandoned development.

weeds on persiaran damar

Weeds are rearing their beautiful heads along Persiaran Damar.

construction debris damaged hoarding No hoarding no hoarding 2

We need to press for a regime change and that means going to the board of DRB-Hicom, legally or otherwise. Email the blog if you have pictures to share. Add your comments so we can compile a complete dossier of things gone wrong. Senangin Pier,  poor lighting in P2, faulty access readers and the crooked ramp will be included, just to name a few.


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  1. The construction debris is being cleared now. Began about three days ago.

    • wkchoo says:

      Has the GCROA written to board of DRB-Hicom about the lousy maintenance and problems in Glenmarie Cove? I hope you can publish the letter for members information. If sent, any news or reply from any of the big shot? Very much hope it prove me wrong this round (by having someone courteous enough to repy!)

  2. Three cheers for Guna of GCD.

    Message received as follows:

    “The boom gate will be done by this Saturday.”


    Also blue & white plastic liners have begun to appear around renovation sites.

  3. dl2a15 says:

    what a joke…

    is there anyway for us to comment on the news link? cant seem to find any…

    • You’re right there is no link to add comments to this Star story. I don’t think the Star allows feedback to it’s articles. There is a moderated forum of some kind though but I cannot remember what they call it.

      Again, there is no mention of Glenmarie Cove, not even listed in the above poster under Selangor. It is not regarded as important anymore, I think. We’ll be sending a letter to the Board and this Datuk Razeek on the Neglect in Glenmarie Cove next week and then see what happens. We can also invite the press at some point.

      • dl2a15 says:

        I thought Glenmarie Cove still have sizable GDV?
        Say P3 and P4 yet to develop, with average 200 units per precinct, rm 1mil per unit, should be 400mil, or 0.4bil GDV right?

        • Wah, you are good in maths. P4 is all bungalow, so 1.8mil average looks more reasonable and that means 360million for 200 units. On second thought 1.8 mil may be too low because the riverfront lots must be 2-3 million after construction.

          On Thu, Jan 17, 2013 at 9:50 PM, Glenmarie Cove Residents and Owners Associati

  4. yfyin says:

    If it is a short circuit by water, the whole control board needs to be changed. Nowonder you said is costly.
    Who designed this boom gate to be located on the ground?, must be the same layman who design the Ramp.

    • Been on the ground since day 1. Let us not dwell in the past. Perhaps we can get it right in the interest of all parties. It reminds me of a statement made by the MD of a major developer in Malaysia almost 30 years ago as a panel member in a forum I attended. He said back then our country was at a stage where companies do not need to be good to make a living. Just being there and present was sufficient. Doesn’t this still ring true?

      On Wednesday, January 16, 2013, Glenmarie Cove Residents and Owners Associati

    • Tell me Professor Yin how much you think such a mother board should cost. The box receives a signal from our card. The board then validates the card, sends a signal to start the motor that lifts the boom and then signals to lower the boom. The relevant data is stored I’d guess. So how much? Then I’ll tell you the figure mentioned to me.

  5. Just spoke with Guna regarding the faulty boom gate at the (capsized)boat guardhouse. The system is kaput as a result of the heavy rains. System is in need of quite a costly repair so it may be a while before it is repaired.

    If you search the blog you will find that I once suggested that they ought to position the readers on the floor of the guardhouse (instead of the road itself requiring us to steer away from it) but GCD was reluctant to do that because the boom will hit the roof of the guardhouse. I hope they will now shorten the boom so the reader can be moved inside to prevent another costly damage by rain/lightning. Two birds with one stone.

    • yfyin says:

      This is the only kaput item that is waiting for repair, the rest like ramps and jetty, boardwalk lightings are all forgotten by Bala for years already.
      Where and when the repair will be done?

  6. Here are some pictures of the boat ramp taken yesterday around 1;45 PM when the tide was about its lowest:

    Readers can see that as a result of the low incline of the slope (recommended guidelines say a minimum of 15% slope while this GC special is probably less than 5%), mud builds up with every tidal exchange. The wheels of the boat’s trailer will spin merrily if they are in this section. Such a ramp requires regular maintenance to hose off the mud. Since it is not used the issue of maitenance is a moot point.

    There is a wooden structure that somehow ended on the ramp. This is man-made and I wonder where it came from. See closeup below.

    The rocks are tied to the wood.

    And finally, to compound the ill thought curved runway, notice that the stretch of the runway that is finally straight does not have barriers to prevent the trailer’s wheels from going over the runway.

    I took the pictures at low tide so readers can see where the high water mark is. At this point, this stretch will be totally submerged which means you cannot see the runway(assuming you are able to see round the bend, LOL). You need to go the full length of this stretch or the boat cannot be launched. A crane may be needed to lift the trailer if it goes off the path. It cannot be pulled by the tow vehicle.

    GCD management was upset when I said that the rocks used to build this ramp may have gone into the heads of the paid consultants and senior staff overseeing this project. You be the judge whether I’m a bad person.

    • yfyin says:

      The wooden structure tied to the rocks are left there when Razali and GCD workers did the anti-fouling paint work for Glencove2 and Catamaran last year.

    • yfyin says:

      This layman fool who built this ramp should have gone and have a look at the correct ramps available in so many places before he starts making it.
      This is call:- he never use his brain or have left it at home that day when he made the ramp.
      Not only that, he is also an unscrupulous person since he never bother to rectify it since 2011.

  7. This is an extract from DRB-Hicom’s annual report for the financial year ended 31 March, 2012 (released in July 2012):

    Glenmarie Cove warranted just one sentence of disclosure and factually wrong as well. Precinct 2 is still under construction today and there is still a plot of land that has not even started. Nothing positive to add.

    • yfyin says:

      No mention of How much the property price has increased here, probably they wanted to hide the fact that the prices has decreased.

      There are only 4 precinct here and they said 5, no wonder DRB Hicom do not know how run down this place is under Ben’s supervision!.

      A bunch of %#*^ and *%#€* from DRB Hicom, before they finish selling, you can already see how they left everything that has gone faulty and not repaired for years now like the:
      1) P1 and P2 boom gates sensors faulty since 2010.
      2) P2 Board walk street lightings all kong off since 2011.
      3) P1 main jetty total rack after the Barge collision in February 2012.
      4) Crooked ramp at Sri Santai since 2011.
      5) P2 jetty Magnetic door access sensor not installed since 2011.
      6) River front barrier sensors systems Kong off since 2010.
      7) CCTV cameras don’t know how long lah.
      8) Sunken land and soil along the whole board walk this past 2 years, getting serious now.
      9) Faulty gymnasium equipments.
      The norm in Glenmarie Cove is:- any facilities or equipments that is Spoiled will be left that way forever. I have been paying maintenance charges since End of 2009 to June 2012.

      • The ‘five’ precincts is correct because GCD also owns the piece of land across the main entrance at Jalan Telok Gong. That land is zoned industrial or commercial and I was informed about a year ago that shop lots are intended to be built on the said parcel. I think it is a good location for commercial purposes because it is at the entrance of JTG. No jam even if they were to add more humps, haha.

    • yfyin says:

      These barggers took our money but never delivers!.

  8. yfyin says:

    This morning, I took a walk around the P2 Board walk area, and the scenes I saw ( with weeds growing freely) confirmed that no maintenance is done by GCD as even grass are not cut and landscape are not maintain. I would rather pay Johaan the maintenance fee and hires cutters to do the extra job rather than paying GCD and don’t know where the money is used or goes to, Maybe their pockets.
    Johaan , please post the pictures I send you, thanks.

  9. lionelsharon says:

    Hello Johan and the rest of the frustrated owners/residents. We are equally disappointed seeing the state of the then Glenmarie Cove nice and beautiful area going down the drain today. There are plentiful photos of sorry state areas as well as the empty promises of good facilities to show if asked for proof. I totally agree that the DRB Hicom TOP GUNS must be addressed as well as aware of the situation today faced by all the owners/residents. Tan Sri , Dato , Datuk & YB at DRM Hicom top top management whom I believed read our blogs, please for good order sake do something to uphold yr prestigious property development brand and start investigating and treat our proactive constructive criticism seriously. Most of the time , customer’s feedback are always right and please use these positive feedback to engage your top management team in yr HQ to do something right here in GCD. The situation warrant DRB Hicom top top management involvement. We hope the year of the snake will bring good deeds to the true views posted by most of the frustrated owners/residents of GC.

  10. santok1950 says:

    Yes I remember when I was renovating my place, they were strict. All contractor’s workers had to meet the security supervisor on the first day where they were informed of the do’s and don’ts and issued security passes with photographs. Security guards patrolled regularly to ensure contractors were abiding by the rules and they had to clear out by 6 pm.
    The thing is they have enough managerial and supervisory staff to ensure rules that were put in place by GCD ane complied with but as you said, a new broom does not necessarily sweep cleaner.

    I have given up using the gym, as it was like banging my head against a brick wall to get equipment repaired and ensure equipment was safe to use. Incompetence is to gently a word to use. I can think of many more I can use to describe the situation.

    Please arrange a meeting with Hicom directors ASAP. You have everybodys wholehearted support.

    • yfyin says:

      The 3 meters clearing from your house to the parameter fencing rules by MPK is not enforce anymore, you can build your house right to the road and the neighbour’s fencing under Ben’s supervision.

  11. Gary says:

    On the matter of security… just to share with everyone here. Yesterday night, my maid was sweeping the garden when lady rubbish collector started talking to her and then asked if she could use the toilet in our house. Luckily my maid said no and quickly went into the house, lockup and reported this to my wife. I think everyone should be vigilant. Security threats come in many forms. With our lack in security these days in GC, I would think there would be more attempts in break-ins using “friendly” methods.

  12. boyscout2b says:

    The falling (or double) standards are evident. The pics are all of bungalow units, probably don’t want to offend some Datuk/TanSri. But Johann, I am all for highlighting these issues to the DRB-Hicom Board (Have you gotten their email addresses?). Btw, I think the weeds on the divider are cleared once a quarter – just before they send out the quarterly invoices!

    • yfyin says:

      If you look at all the faulty things in Glenmarie Cove like :-
      1) P2 board walk Street Lightings,
      2) P1Jetty,
      3) P1 and P2 boom gate Sensors,
      4) River front barrier sensors,
      5) CCTVs in GC,
      6) Gym equipments,
      7) The crooked Ramp and so on so forth.

      Don’t all the residents see that by now!!!!!, they are all not repaired by GCD , some like the P2 board walk lightings are left faulty for more then 2 years now.
      GCD is just not going to do anything on any of the maintenance or repair, this place is totally run down.
      I for one is not going to pay for Maintenance charges as there are just ZERO/0 maintenance done by GCD.

    • I think the names and addresses can be obtained via a company search at the ROC. If my memory serves me well, it is Form 49. Just need to pay the requisite.

      • wkchoo says:

        If i’m not mistaken there is a chap from P1, Mr Ng (Tony and Yin, correct me if I’m wrong as both of you have spoken with him during one fine day at P2 jetty) said that he had an email address of one of the director from DRB Hicom and he got a fast response and feedback from the director. Could you guys liaise with Ng to get the email address?

      • yfyin says:

        Ok, I got this e-mail address from Mr Ng, P1, according to him, he got a reply very fast when he e-mail his complaint. The email address is:   Mr fyzul-is the special officer to group managing department of DRB Hicom.

    • yfyin says:

      Ok, I got this e-mail address from Mr Ng, P1, according to him, he got the reply very fast when he e-mail his complaint. This person actually ask Ben to call him.The email address is:   Mr fyzul-is the special officer to group managing department of DRB Hicom.

    • yfyin says:

      Ok, I got this e-mail address from Mr Ng, P1, according to him, he got his reply very fast when he e-mail his complaint. This person actually asked Ben to call him the next day regarding his defect claims. The email address is:   Mr fyzul-is the special officer to group managing department of DRB Hicom.

      • Yin,

        Go ahead and contact this Fyzul and shower him with your grievances and list of problems. I’m sure he will get Ben to call you too and thus save me the trouble of writing to the Chairman of DRB-Hicom and the other board members.

  13. Gary says:

    GCD is now and has been busy attacking its customers with threats (during the AGM), gathering information to use against its customers (seeking list of GCROA member names), opposing authority (JKR), filing lawsuits and sending legal letters to its customers. They are doing all these except the very thing that they should be doing, which is their job as the company in charge of security and maintenance. As the party in charge of executing the DMC, they have abused their power and only chosen to selectively execute parts of the DMC to their favour and also selectively chosen which customer to impose and exercise the DMC on. If GCD spents half its time, effort and money on addressing the real issues rather than organizing offence against us, we the customers wouldn’t be raising issues as we are now. I hope there is a change in management really soon. It is very sad and sigh….

  14. yfyin says:

    I was doing my house renovation in year 2009, that time the GCD supervisor was a chap called Mr You, we were always threaten by them to follow strict MPK ruling on renovations like : Leaving a parameter of 3 meters all around our house, I have done my piling for my car porch which was 1 meter from the road , and they called MPK to come and left me a warning letter to tear down our pillars and rebuilt it further in, and I did that.
    They also emphasized that a cloth or plastic to cover-up the whole house parameter area where renovation is not visible from outside.
    Mr You told me that they would call MPK to summon whoever who break the rules.

    Now a days, the whole situation is different, you can have houses building right to the road side and even cover-up the jogging path with sand and plant grass or whatever you like. You can have houses that built their walls right to your neighbours’ fencing and GCD would not stab your back any more I guess. Instead of 3 meters parameters MPK ruling , you have ZERO parameter rulings on extention.
    Should they compensate me the 10K I paid extra for piling work which I tore previously.

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