Squatting Temple Hidden Clout

This article appeared in The Star on Monday, 31 December, 2012 under the tile “Devotees protest order for temples to relocate”.

The temples referred to are located at the far end of Precinct 4 and the developer is none other than GCD. Read on ……..

PORT KLANG: A group of devotees gathered at two temples in Kota Pendamar Indah near here to protest a relocation order issued by a developer.

Calvin Ho, who manages one of the temples, said the developer had allocated an alternative piece of land in Telok Gong but the location was not suitable for the temples’ Hindu and Taoist devotees.

“We cannot move there because it is an industrial area and not many Hindus and Taoists live there, said Calvin, who manages the Hindu Kaliamman temple. The other is the Taoist Datuk temple.

Both were built in the 1970s by Calvin’s father Ho Ah Soon, .

Calvin said Ho, in his 60s, was distraught over the matter.

He added that the management committees of the temples were willing to relocate to another piece of land owned by the developer, next to the current location.

Meanwhile, Klang Valley Taoism Association chairman Yeoh Choo Beng, who was present during meetings between the temples’ representatives and the developer, said both parties were struggling to reach a consensus.

An official of the development company, who declined to be named, said the relocation notice was sent to the temples “a long time ago”.


Needless to say, GCD is obviously anxious to get rid of these temples because there could be problems selling those lots next to them. Getting squatters to move out is easier said than done because politicians have a knack for climbing out of the woodwork when squatters are threatened with eviction, especially close to election season. Everyone jumps in!

I must say GCD has been fair or rather GCD recognizes the problems the temples can cause P4. So the temples have been offered an alternative site, which I believe is the land opposite the main entrance on Jalan Telok Gong. Oh man, I thought that would be a good location for light industrial or shoplot use and being so close to the highway. However the temple manager does not like the site offered!

The temple manager does not realize how lucky he is. Squatters have a better deal than owners. We have purchased our homes and the damn boat ramp is still crooked and Senangin Pier is still in tatters.

The temple folks have kept the banners used during the protest.


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6 Responses to Squatting Temple Hidden Clout

  1. tonywee says:

    And please don’t waste your breadth on the “bengok ramp” Johann ….. the contractor told me it costs more than 50K (70K iianm) and will certainly work as it “was designed by GCD’d engineer, mah.” 🙂
    Also, the clubhouse took 3 Februarys to be built (4th. February to complete?)…. and the P1 Jetty will take 8 months to repair … but they did not say when they’ll start work on it.:-)
    You really don’t know whether to laugh or to cry…..

    • yfyin says:

      If you look at all the faulty things in Glenmarie Cove like :-
      1) P2 board walk Street Lightings,
      2) P1Jetty,
      3) P1 and P2 boom gate Sensors,
      4) River front barrier sensors,
      5) CCTVs in GC,
      6) Gym equipments,
      7) The crooked Ramp and so on so forth.

      Don’t all the residents see that by now!!!!!, they are all not repaired by GCD , some like the P2 board walk lightings are left faulty for more then 2 years now.
      GCD is just not going to do anything on any of the maintenance or repair, this place is totally run down.
      I for one is not going to pay for Maintenance charges as there are just ZERO/0 maintenance done by GCD.

  2. tonywee says:

    With all the unkept promises, uncertainties and a lack of communication / marketing skills, the developers certainly come across as very unethical fellas…..Sad.

  3. yfyin says:

    GCD came out with brochures and slogan like : River front resort living, we all bought into this , but now we can’t even launch a sampan, this means that we’ve been had!.
    How long do you think every body’s patience can stand? GCD’s empty promises and procrastination.

  4. yfyin says:

    I still remember the day we had an annual residents association meeting with GCD management, and that time Eric was still the President and they have promised to make the ramp straight, it is about 2 years ago but until today, nothing has been done, what a screwed-up developer who doesn’t keep most of what they have promised. The P4 so-called proper ramp is also not delivered to-date.
    You can have as many boats as you want, but you can’t launch any of them in GC yet, as GCD is still saying they are going to make a proper ramp soon………………………………………….
    They call this( RIVER FRONT RESORT LIVING).
    GCD sounds more and more like a cheating Developer to me.

    • I used to say that one couldn’t launch a simple sampan powered by oars and it is still true today. The new tagline on the billboard fronting the shop lots reads “Resort Living @ Riverfront”. Yes it is a mockery indeed and this happens because the people in charge of marketing have no feel of what is on the ground. All classroom stuff, no reality. Sigh. Meanwhile the temple manager is illegally squatting on land they do not own and have the pleasure of saying they do not like the alternative site provided. Life can be beautiful, I suppose.

      By the way, the final boat ramp that was talked about previously was supposed to sit on or near where the temples are now.

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