A Tale of Two Lots

tale of two lots

Both units are unoccupied.

The owner of the unit on the left hires a gardener to keep the lawn neat and tidy. Goody two shoes.

The owner of the unit on the right does not care that the grass is liable to be a nuisance to the neighboring lots.

GCD is entitled under the Deed of Mutual Covenants (bye-law 18, Third Schedule) to cut the grass and all costs incurred by GCD in the abatement of such nuisance shall be borne by the owner of the lot. This provision is being ignored by GCD because they can as their failings go unpunished by the owners.

GCD is quick to quote chapter of verse of the DMC when writing to owners demanding for overdue charges but is entirely happy to ignore the provisions of the DMC when real work is required.

Owners should not stand for such selective application of the DMC. This is why some owners have refused to pay up.

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3 Responses to A Tale of Two Lots

  1. tonywee says:

    Imho, GCD has lost much credibility over the last 3 years. Perhaps this is the primary reason why the house prices have not appreciated much (apart from the bungalows and choice lots facing Sg. Langat), when compared to nearby developments like Bandar Botanic, although the development holds much promise (as a “riverside resort living” community). THis sort of poor management will also reflect badly on DRB Hicom, the parent company.

    Anybody wants to buy a semi-D ….. with a free boat thrown in?.:-)

    • As it so happens, look at the stats below for today thus far:

      blog stats 7 jan 2013

      WordPress has recently made it possible for bloggers to know the number of visitors on a given day.

      Today by 8:50 PM we’ve had 204 views by 29 visitors, giving an average of 7.03 page views per visitor. This is an unusually high average. Notice that on Jan 3, there were 205 views by 56 visitors giving an averaged of 3.66 which was already higher than normal.

      The quirk today is there have been 96 views out of Hong Kong by 8:50 PM. On any given day there may be 2 or 3 views out of HK. Spam is not involved because I get the relevant report and we are rarely spammed. Incidentally, a couple of members have written to me asking why they are receiving pop-ups when visiting the blog and that’s because their blockers are not performing well.

      So why is Hong Kong tuning in? Whatever the reason, sell lah your property and boat in Hong Kong.

  2. yfyin says:

    My neighbour’s condition is much worst then the picture shown.

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