Batunilam is not alone: update

A few residents met to discuss the issues behind the withholding of payments to GCD.

Briefly, the issues are:

  1. The lack of transparency by GCD in that the amounts for security services and maintenance are not disclosed separately, especially when a significant portion of the grounds maintenance has been taken over by MPK.
  2. Dissatisfaction over security provisions at the main guardhouse wherein GCD has ignored the wishes of the residents to have visitors enter and exit using the right-hand lane.  The guards often  have to walk across the residents’ lane to retrieve the passes from visitors and this could be a danger to the guards.
  3. The obsolete access card readers in Precincts 1 and 2 have not been replaced for use with the new access cards issued recently. This is a departure from the standard set in earlier years.
  4. Many, if not all, of the CCTV cameras installed in earlier years are inoperable and must be replaced to restore the integrity of the overall security services in Glenmarie Cove.
  5. The lighting along the ‘boardwalk’ in Precinct 2 is wholly inadequate and must be addressed immediately.
  6. The main road (Persiaran Damar) has been poorly maintained and many parts of the road are prone to flooding when rain falls.

If you have received a demand from GCD’s lawyers and you need help to respond to it, please send an email to Please state your name and address in your email.

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9 Responses to Batunilam is not alone: update

  1. yfyin says:

    After receiving a demand letter from Raja Darryl & Loh dated 3rd December 2012, I have sent a reply to them disputing that GCD has combined both security and maintenance into one lump sum instead of cancelling the maintenance charges since MPK has taken over our maintenance last July 2012 . GCD should not charge us any maintenance charges since they did not carry out their duties like :-
    1) Repairing the P2 board walk lightings which are faulty for more than 2 years now.
    2) Leaving the P1 Jetty in a total rack condition since last February 2012.
    3) Delivered a crooked Ramp which was not repaired until today, we can’t even launch a sampan.
    4) Installed very inferior security system which Kong off in just a few months.
    5) They also did not repair the faulty sensors for both P1 and P2 barrier and river front security sensors.
    6) They also did not repair most of the faulty CCTVs.
    7) If anyone has taken noticed, other than the wooden hut at P3 lagoon, there is not a single proper guard house along the river front which stretches more than a kilometer plus the pitch black condition at night, we are all sitting ducks.
    Anyway , I have received a reply from the lawyer on the 21st December 2012 saying that GCD will give them the answer and the lawyer will revert to me, but to date , there is no reply at all.
    This is the kind of selfish developer we are dealing with who only worry about their sales and profit and left us buyers high and dry.
    Screw their slogan of : RIVER FRONT RESORT LIVING.

  2. Gary says:

    I received a writ of summons. For a layman like me I guess this means they have gone beyond lawyer letters? and I would be in need of more than a response. I need legal representation?

    • A writ of summons is a document instituting legal proceedings. It should state a date by which you have to respond to the court or the party suing you. I think you should consult a lawyer to determine what the process entails. If you ultimately lose the case, the legal cost of the opposing party can be claimed against you.

    • dl2a15 says:

      Hi Gary,
      Mind to share how long you not paying GCD?
      I have not received any further updates after the first lawyer letter.

  3. yfyin says:

    In term of security, not a single P2 boardwalk street lightings are working for the past 1 and a half year and there are not a single proper guard house along the whole of river front boardwalk which stretches more then a kilometer. These posses serious security danger to all residents staying in GC, particularly houses near the stretch of river front.
    Imagine, it is pitch black at night without any street lights, robbers can access by sampan without being noticed .

  4. yfyin says:

    For the past 5 months, most of the landscaping in GC was left unattended to, and weeds are growing to 2 feet tall, yet they are sending demand letter for maintenance payment.
    One resident I know has to cut the weed himself at the boardwalk jogging path as weeds have covered part of the boardwalk.

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