Just One Hump

There was a meeting earlier today at the MPK among the representative(s) from MPK, JKR, Association of Factories in Telok Gong, Polis, Kampung Teluk Gong, the Councillor for this area, Mr. Nalan, GCD and GCROA. The meeting was chaired by YB Charles Santiago, MP for Klang.

I represented the GCROA while GCD offered up an executive from their Project Department and a senior sales person.

The meeting lasted almost 2 1/2 hours because many angles were explored in trying to deliver relief to the complainants.

The main concern of the complainants is the traffic coming out of Teluk Gong in the evening. The representative from the factories said the queue can stretch all the way back to the popular Yong Tat Seafood restaurant – about 4 kilometers. I believe on the odd occasion that might have happened and some other cause may have exacerbated the crawl.

The representative from Kampung Teluk Gong says he continues to receive complaints and a petition for the removal of the humps had amassed 300 signatories.

Meanwhile the representative from GCD attempted to explain the difficulties that will be encountered if Jalan Damar is extended to P4 now.

The upshot is the following plan, which I categorize as:

Stage 1

The speed hump on the left hand side (looking out from our gate) will be removed but the yellow strips will remain so that traffic going out of Teluk Gong in the evening shall be smoother. I requested  for a longer stretch of these strips and a thicker application of the thermoplastic to slow the traffic sufficiently.

A word of caution here. The portion of the right-hand hump that lies on the road going out needs to be removed as well. The danger here is idiot drivers coming into Teluk Gong may attempt to overtake at this point. So be very careful.

Stage 2

The goal of this stage is to remove the right-hand hump and to force a left turn on residents when we exit the main entrance. However, cars from Teluk Gong can still turn into GC.

For this stage to be accomplished, I insisted there needs to be a u-turn not too far away from GC’s exit. MPK is asking GCD to bear the cost of this construction. GCD’s consultant at the meeting said he will need to check the land available for the u-turn as well as land for a green lane so that vehicles can go past on the left cars that are waiting to do the turn.

What happens if the cost to do this is too high and GCD refuses to do so? What will MPK and/or JKR be willing to do? This stage is likely to take months, by which time Stage 3 may have advanced. It also requires GCD to incur costs beyond its boundary so I am not sure how this will sit with the senior management.

Stage 3

This is back to the approved upgrade design plans that involve four lanes and traffic lights. The hiccup now is the mass of buried utilities that belong to third parties, an issue that MPK needs to resolve.

Looks like we need to live with just one hump for some time.

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9 Responses to Just One Hump

  1. tonywee says:

    Speed bump or no speed bump, there will be a crawl during peak hours outside the GC entrance and / or at the Jalan Jeti junction. The very obvious solution is for GCD to extend Jalan Damar to exit at the P4 / Jalan Banting road for GC residents as per GC’s development plan. At the same time the Government must build a seperate exit to the Kesas highway for the Tlk. Gong factory owners. Our concern is one of safety which is in the hands of GCD; the other parties’ concern is one of convienance which should be tackled by the Govt. / JKR.
    Meantime, lets pray no major accident will occur at the GC exit until some sensible action is taken by the parties responsible.

    • As I have mentioned in the post, ‘stage 2’ is no plain sailing as the developer may find the cost to be rather high and time consuming as well. And the works go into territory beyond its property line. All things considered, GCD may take the view it is better to spend the money on the extension of Jalan Damar to P4 instead of undertaking stage 2.

      For now we need to be vigilant to make sure that the section of the bonggol on our right that protects us from the incoming traffic is not removed by mistake. The remaining bonggol on the right and the speed-breaking yellow strips on the left can offer us some protection until JKR, MPK and GCD get their act together.

      On Monday, December 10, 2012, Glenmarie Cove Residents and Owners Associati

  2. Gary says:

    The crawl into and out of Teluk Gong happens even without the humps. At least with the humps we have a chance to safely stick our car out to drive out of Glenmarie Cove. Without the humps, yeah we can still get out of Glenmarie Cove but have to risk getting into an accident. I myself have had a few close calls. And if you survive getting out without an accident, might get a heart attack.

  3. yfyin says:

    The hump should not be removed, the increase in traffic is causing the jam and not the humps.I can bet the crawl continues without the hump.

  4. wkchoo says:

    Be EXTRA careful as stated by Johann as I can guarantee that there will be quite a number of idiot drivers overtaking the removed hump. GCD should have one person (maybe from the security firm) manning the traffic during the peak hours sigh sigh sigh!!!

  5. boyscout2b says:

    Sigh! You would think that GCD would speed up the extension of Jalan Damar to P4 as the best option. Afterall GCD has to do this sooner or later. Guess they would rather do it later than sooner! Sigh! Hope there is no need for another major accident before they act. Sigh!

    • I recommended that MPK and JKR need to put their thumbs down on GCD but I will not hold my breadth on this. If Stage 1 does not work out well, perhaps we can approach the Housing Ministry for help.

      On Tuesday, December 4, 2012, Glenmarie Cove Residents and Owners Associati

    • boyscout2b says:

      Actually, I think a better solution could be to open up the entrance behind the row of shophouses along KESAS. The road along the shophouses runs ALMOST (or more than halfway) to P4, right?

      • This was discussed as a possible solution but I pointed out this means of exit is great if you are heading for Pulau Indah or towards Jalan Kem and South Port areas. I believe the majority of residents are headed for the Kesas and there is no u-turn as I see.

        It also means additional security expenses to man the gate, unless we can rob Peter to pay Paul. If we are headed towards managing the security we should try to to be lean wherever possible.

        On Wednesday, December 5, 2012, Glenmarie Cove Residents and Owners Associati

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