Back to the Future

Below are the minutes of the meeting that was held yesterday 27 Nov between GCROA, MPK and GCD that members should have first received via their email. If you did not receive the email, please provide your corrected details to Jeff Harris.

Following the tripartite meeting, GCROA sat down with GCD’s Ben Yeoh and Balachandran and my comments on the issues covered appear after the minutes.



GCROA – Johann Foo, Santok Singh, Jeff Harris, Albert Mok
MPK – Mr. Mohan and Mr. Mathew
GCD – Balachandren Muthalagu

Facing camera: Mr. Mohan and on his left Mr. Mathew of MPK

Johann Foo welcomed the representatives from MPK and thanked them for coming to Glenmarie Cove to meet with the GCROA and GCD.

Mr. Mohan, Deputy Director of MPK’s Environmental and Cleansing Services Department (Jabatan Perkhidmatan & Persekitaran – JPP), began by briefing the meeting on the current and future responsibilities of his department to provide services to residents of Glenmarie Cove GC). He stated that currently MPK have employed a contractor to collect household rubbish three times a week from all occupied houses in Precincts One and Two, and to collect garden waste once a week on a Thursday or Friday. Earlier in the morning this contractor met with a group of men who are employed as gardeners by residents and explained to them the requirements for depositing garden waste ready for collection.

GC independent gardeners briefed by MPK’s contractor, Vijay. There will be weekly collection of garden debris instead of the normal twice monthly.

Johann Foo stated that there is a GCD rule banning the use of mechanical garden equipment such as mowers, strimmers and blowers on Sundays and public holidays, due to noise pollution, and that the resident’s gardeners have been made aware of this rule. He had informed the group of independent gardeners that anyone caught not observing this rule can be banned by GCD from further work in GC.

Mr. Mohan said that a second contractor is currently employed to cut the grass on the median strips outside houses twice a month. This contractor will also clear the surface of the street drains, sweep leaves and remove leaves and grass cuttings. Jeff Harris requested that the schedule for this maintenance work be forwarded to GCROA so that the work can be monitored and this was agreed.

His department will also be sending a one-tonne truck twice a month to undertake a general sweep up of GC for debris and Mr. Mathew said he will let GCD know of the schedule.

The Deputy Director went on to point out that the responsibility for the river front, parks, road to Precinct 2 (Jalan Damar)  and other common areas still lies with GCD but these areas are intended to be taken over by MPK’s Jabatan Taman & Rekreasi (JTR) pending further discussions between GCD and JTR. Balachandren confirmed GCD’s responsibility. Mr. Mohan went on to say that the riverfront may not be a clear cut issue as MPK’s Jabatan Pengaliran & Saliran (Drainage and Irrigation Department) could be involved. The same could also apply to the lagoons.

Currently MPK has taken over the roads in Precinct 1 only, so they look after maintenance of street lights and the road surface in this precinct. Bala agreed that GCD is still responsible for Precinct 2 roads and lighting and this may go on until Precinct 2 is fully developed.

Unreasonable?  Is it fair to the occupants of the house on the left that they should have the sight of an Astro dish over their property line when they step out of their main door?

Mr. Mohan recommended that GCROA compile a detailed memorandum (including photos) on the various areas of concern, including street lighting, pot holes, flooding, stray dogs, dogs annoying neighbours and gardens that have unattended swimming pools along with weeds and uncut grass, mosquitoes from the lagoons, cutting down of trees by residents and even unreasonable behaviour by residents.

This memorandum should be addressed to the head (Yang di Pertua) of MPK requesting for a dialogue which Mr. Mohan said will be attended by the Heads of the various departments. We may also make an audio visual presentation if needed.

Mr. Mohan also stated that as an added measure of good service to the population that it serves, his department is also prepared to provide a rubbish skip on request, to take large items for disposal, and to send a one-tonne truck twice a month to remove excess waste, particularly from work sites, in a general sweep up.

Mr. Mohan stated that his department will be pleased to take away unwanted furniture and fittings from residents in GC and he observed that this has happened in other communities. These items can be of good use to the poor staff and labourers in MPK.

Mr. Mohan further recommended that any resident who has a problem with the services or other matters that are relevant to MPK should reach for their Hotline (03-33714404).

All committee members present were encouraged by the positive comments from MPK and intend to actively follow up on the recommendations by Mr. Mohan. Johann Foo stated that GCROA will compile the memorandum as soon as possible and we will require audio visual setup which Mr. Mohan confirmed can be arranged.

The Committee thanked Messrs Mohan and Mathew for their kind assistance.


You know the drill now – cut your grass by Wednesday so the bags may be removed the very next day. No lugging of bags by your gardener to the corner lot on the road.

More importantly, we would like to have members feedback on the memorandum that will be prepared very soon.

Other matters: discussion with Ben Yeoh and Balachandran

On the matter of the road upgrade according to plans that were approved by JKR in mid-September, 2012, GCD’s consultants have determined that a lot of the underground utilities belong to companies like Maxis and TM. So the matter goes right back to JKR to sort things out, meaning time. Meanwhile we have the humps which I believe are serving us well so let us hope they will stay for some time.

The extension of Jalan Damar to P4 is not expected to begin anytime soon – more like towards the middle of next year along with the sales of P4 properties. Not a big deal if the speed humps stay in place.

PI residents will have the view of a ‘twisted’ Senangin Pier for a longer period as there is still a squabble between the amount claimed and the sum the insurance company is willing to shell out. The difference is quite painful to watch but the Gods are not really with GCD on this one.

GCD is calling for quotations for access card readers, CCTV and relay system for PI and P2 entrances/exits.

The clubhouse is likely to be completed by April, 2013 – but there will be no Battle of Seri Santai II.

On the takeover, GCD is still subject to legal review on the issues but the management is firmly aware of GCROA’s stance on important legal points which their lawyers will have to advise them on.

In the new year, probably when the new committee has been formed (AGM likely in second half of February 2013), I would like to recommend to the new committee that if this blog is to be continued by them, it should be a private blog for members of GCROA only. Someone long ago had suggested a forum type but there was no further interest.

You probably do not know this blog kicked off immediately after the formation of GCROA as a cheap and easy method to keep members informed and to ask for feedback. I know there are people who swear they never read it, so taking it private will not hurt these people. The blog will have 32,000 page views by the end of this week, since its inception:


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9 Responses to Back to the Future

  1. Messages received via email:

    Really promising Jeff. Big thanks mate and Merry Christmas.
    – Joe Ramayah

    Hi Jeff Harris

    Just a word of thanks to you & the entire GCROA committee for
    all the hard work done thus far. Keep up the good work.
    Dora Low

    Tq Jeff & team for the hard work n follow up.
    Ann Lim

    Thanks Johann. We really appreciate all the help you and your
    team are doing for our community.


    This is great news. Thanks to you and all at GCROA for their continued efforts.

    It’s really appreciated.

    It will be great when GCD start managing the river front and external areas near the public road as this can only enhance their sales.They must wake up to the opportunity of creating value rather than destroying it as they do now with the lack of proper attention.
    Chris Dedigama

  2. Gary says:

    “Mr. Mohan said that a second contractor is currently employed to cut the grass on the median strips outside houses twice a month. This contractor will also clear the surface of the street drains, sweep leaves and remove leaves and grass cuttings.”

    On the statement above, can all this work be done in 2 days in a month for the whole of Glenmarie Cove? Would MPK consider more working days?

    Otherwise… I’m a happy resident 🙂

  3. lionelsharon says:

    Thanks Chairman, Members of GCROA ….. looks like things are moving along again. Appreciate everything that are being done but I just have one small request – when GCROA is tackling the dogs’ issues with MPK would you please consider the cats issues as well? Lately the cat’s population have grown and on Deepavali’s day I had one black and white cat with a red collar enter my house and broke my TV Room’s glass cabinet. I love my decorative items, some of which are irreplaceable, I cannot imagine if any one of these items are broken. Now my doors are closed most of the time depriving of us of the “fresh air” from the environment. Thanks GCROA! Sharon

  4. boyscout2b says:

    Good work Team GCROA! And thank you Jeff for inviting feedback. (1) There was no mention about which contractor is responsible for (a) tree pruning (b) (underground) drain clearing. (2) could we do away with the leaf blowers. They are noisy and don’t seem to be more effective than the typical lidi brooms of old. Leaves are blown onto the grass verge and later washed back onto the road when it rains. (3) Could we have a better (long-range) access card system for P1/P2 or else just do away with it altogether – just go by the GC sticker. Also the current access sytem at the boathouse do not have anti-passback feature. (4) Talking about the MPK memorandum, could we also address the perennial issue about (unapproved?) renovation works in the community, uness we want a repeat of a certain 3 storey unit in P2.

  5. nickyteh says:

    Why should d residents be made to suffer at d expense of GCD? GCD could easily offset d differential in claim amount against GCD’s appointed contractor Benalec’s RM50 million contract as it was Benalec/it’s contractor’s barge that rammed into the pier. Not only it looks unsightly, there is tendency of breaking apart and it’s debris crashing into P2 pier soon.

    • wkchoo says:

      This old jetty is becoming a hunting ground for outsiders. Noticed that many outsider’s boats were berth along side or at the jetty at night. Residents are lock out (for safety reason of course), meanwhile outsiders are roaming and climbing the jetty everytime at night. This is a real safety concern and hope GCROA can help to push GCD for some interim measure as I had done it few times with no avail.

      • boyscout2b says:

        Yes. I have noticed that our “security” guards are rather timid (fearful?) to chase away these “intruders”. Many of these intruders look like GCD (current/former?) workers and their friends; and seem to have tacit approval from our own guards.

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