Can it go higher?

These photos were taken at 7:30 AM, today.




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8 Responses to Can it go higher?

  1. shirleepoel says:

    And the gahmen says that we are short of water..hello??? they bluffing small kids

  2. tonywee says:

    The situation was obviously made worse by the heavy rains the last few days in Selangor. Last reports put nearly 1800 people still in flood relief centres in Selangor, and the headwaters of Sg. Langat is still above the danger level today. With the tides getting lower this week, it should not be worse than today (fingers crossed :-0). Anyway, if Glencove is inundated, then I guess the whole of Port Klang would be under water too.

  3. boyscout2b says:

    This annual occurence will slowly and surely wash away the embankment and sand/soil mixture that GC is bulit on! Already the PI/P2 lagoon outlet drain and stairs have cracked and are falling down. The footpath is tilted in places and sinking as the soil is washed away. Ha, ha .. maybe the widespread weeds there can hold them together?!

  4. wkchoo says:

    It was 4.8m this morning and yes it can go higher. The highest recorded in Port Klang was 5.2m. This seawater up to the walkway in P2 happened few times recently and usually happened in P1 walkway. It was ok last year and wondering if its the water level up or the land along the walkway sink?

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