Water, water everywhere …..

Just a sad reminder of the poor service we are getting from MPK and GCD.

This is the effect of the drains being clogged by fallen leaves. These shots were taken at the P2 entrance but the condition is the same along most parts of the stretch of road between P1 and P2.


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3 Responses to Water, water everywhere …..

  1. Around 6:00 PM today, this area was waterlogged again. Bala was seen supervising a few staff as they unclogged a few drain openings for the water to flow. Kudos to Bala and his team.

  2. santok1950 says:

    Surely its GCD’s responsibility to ensure MPK undertake these tasks. Really wonder sometimes what GCD do other then trying to sell houses.

    Need to check if the drains between P1 and P2 have collapsed because of tree roots. I took photos sometime ago, where the foot path and drain had been damaged by the roots and some repairs were undertaken but these seemed to be totally inadequate. This may be part of the cause of the flood.

  3. boyscout2b says:

    Its not just leaves. I keep the road gutters on my side of Bayu 2 clear of leaves whenever it pours but I recently found some gutters opposite my house are clogged with sand/soil/mud and weeds have taken root to clog the drainage totally! These will require major flushing to clear the longer GCD/MPK delay remedial actions!.

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