The humps are up, but ……..

JKR laid the humps on Sunday 4th but I wonder if they have also laid an egg in the process.

Firstly, kudos to JKR because they have responded well to our needs – after the accident that is. I’d like to think too they did not like my statement  on the day of the accident whether they are waiting for someone to die before they would do the needful. MP for Klang, YB Charles Santiago also put in a useful boot. Anyway, JKR has done what they promised to many residents who filed official complaints. And they have installed extra street lights (the bright halogen type) at key points so the humps will be visible at night. I hope all these things get billed to GCD, heh.

My concern is there is only just one bump on either side of the road, with yellow lines of the thermoplastic variety. I have to wonder whether it will be effective with just one hump.

Let’s go back 10 months to this post which was a signature drive for the humps. 101 of you signed the petition and it was delivered to MPK which then led us to JKR and the knowledge that GCD had a load of conditions imposed on them where traffic was concerned, including traffic lights and 4-lanes stuff. You’ll see this diagram I had drawn and included in the correspondence to these statutory bodies.

I was suggesting two humps in the belief this would be safer. Perhaps one hump is enough. They are the experts after all.

Please send  feedback via comments or email after your experience. These comments shall be passed on to JKR so be extra tactful.

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31 Responses to The humps are up, but ……..

  1. tonywee says:

    Okay, another point for consideration. Went out for lunch at 1.40 pm today … traffic manageable, but still had to depend on the kindness of a motorist to stop, as there is still no yellow box or traffic lights ….. reached the junction of Jalan Jetti and there was a long line of lorries and cars backed up to nearly the Seafood Restaurant ’cause of the traffic lights.
    My point is that if the users of Jln. Telok Gong is complaining about the traffic bumps, its going to be worse with traffic lights …. and are they also complaining about the lights at the Jln. Jetti junction?.
    So, all in all, the best solution is to complete the inner road to enable residents to exit into Jalan Banting at P4…. habis cerita!.

    • I agree with you on P4. The trick is the fix needed to get it done by GCD pronto.

      The meeting should be held after Deepavali according to the MP’s office. More like after Awal Muharram. More like the following week then.

      On Saturday, November 10, 2012, Glenmarie Cove Residents and Owners Associati

  2. tonywee says:

    Or, for that matter, GCD could also open the “shophouse” gate in front of Setia West Marine (plug for Eric/Kevin :-0) to allow residents of P2 a shortcut home. Again, all GCD needs to do is to station a guard there.

    • “All GCD needs to do is …”

      Yeah, tell me again. Look, if GCD was or is a good listener to begin with, we will be much better off today. When we take charge of the security ourselves, there are many things we can consider. With the present regime, it has proven to be be extremely difficult to get any thing done. Even simple things, like turning the reader slightly to face oncoming cars, cannot be done. Visitors often just drive up to the barrier and expect the guards to come out for the placard to be handed back. Entry of visitors via the right lane would solve many problems but we have the cheapest access card that rules out any change.

      The complaints about the humps are must be treated seriously. As I have commented earlier, the traffic lights are on the cards:

      letter from JKR dd 3-10-2012

      So I hope in the meeting next week, if held, JKR and/or GCD can put dates into the equation. From the second paragraph it would appear that the job could go ahead once the contractor has determined where to relocate the existing (underground, perhaps) utilities. Alright, I may be way too optimistic but hopefully all affected parties can accept the humps as a temporary measure. How “long” temporary turns up to be is entirely up to GCD. Having said that I have a suggestion that I am prepared to make at next week’s meeting if the timeline is a problematic one for all parties. This will require both JKR and the MP’s office to make it happen.

      • tonywee says:

        Johann, like many others I don’t have much faith in GCD management. This time however, I’m hoping MPK and YB’s office can make / order them to do what’s
        necessary. They may ignore us, but surely not MPK or the peoples’ representative.

      • wkchoo says:

        Agreed with Tony on the “short term” measurement pending of the installation of traffic light. Another suggestion (which already been proposed earlier) is to have someone to mend the traffic manually during the peak hours daily. Maybe we could humbly request the traffic police for help (possibly YB could pull some string). Let have a clear mind on this as we just wanted to make things right. Hope others will provide some suggestions too.

      • yfyin says:

        Examples given by Johann about all suggestions or complaints from GCROA or residents was turned a deaf ears by GCD was the root of all problems.

        To all the residents and individuals staying in GC, we are not the developer, we are not responsible to build the traffic lights, the exit road to P4, to repair the board walk street lights, to repair the jetty and etc, the developer is.
        And if GCD is not going to take action or are not willing to pay for what they have developed, they are fully responsible for any unforeseen or unfortunate circumstances, if they have the intention to make things good, it can be done in days, if not, it could be left there to rot for years to come.

  3. tonywee says:

    Okay, here’s another consideration for residents who are exiting GC to go to Port Klang town or Pulau Indah ….. ie. get GCD to open the gate just after P2, especially during peak hours, to allow residents to safely exit to Kesas highway via the road serving the shophouses. They can then take the overpass to get into the North Port / Port Klang area, or go straight to Pulau Indah. All GCD’s “investment” here is to station a guard for a few hours each day to man the exit gate.
    Surely a combination of the suggestions proposed above can reduce the stress all round, even if temporarily.

  4. tonywee says:

    Fully agree that the present problem is due mainly to the increase in traffic along Jln.Teluk Gong over the last two years, without any improvement in the road infrastructure….no alternative route out of T, Gong and no road widening. Further, as Yin pointed out, the traffic is backed up only during peak hours.
    However, from what I gather, there seem to be strong objections to the bonggols by road users going into and coming out of Telok Gong. Their convenience must, however, be balanced by the residents safety when exiting Glencove.

    The considerations, which will perhaps go someway towards an acceptable compromise, in the shorter term, would be as follows:

    1. If the humps are to be removed for whatever reason, then they must be replaced by, perhaps, thick yellow bands to slow down traffic.
    2. Replace them bonggols with a big yellow box, and, to deter motorists that do not respect or do not know what a yellow box is, station someone (maybe a traffic police for a short period) to ensure compliance.
    3. Get GCD or JKR to widen the road immediately.
    4. In the longer term, get JKR or the highway authority, to build another exit from Telok Gong to the Kesas Highway, maybe through the industrial area.
    5. The authorities to immediately order GCD to complete the inner road so as to allow residents to exit through Jln. Banting as per plan. As I see it, the connection needed is just about a km or slightly more.
    Finally, we must be careful that the issue is not taken advantage of and politicized. Its simply a question of safety or residents of Glenmarie Cove. I’m sure we’ll find all manner of political affiliation among the residents. We must remember that we are a melting pot of races, religions and cultures (we even “celebrate” Halloween what)… even more so in GC, as we have so many foreigners amongst us …… and I urge them to speak up for GCROA …..from Brits to Japanese, from Americans to Canadians to Belgians to Indians and others….. not necessary to name our friends, we know who these good folks are.:-)
    Dialogue we must to find a peaceful solution, at least for the short term….. rgds.

    • In JKR’s letter to the GCROA and in a separate letter to YB Charles Santiago, the humps are an intermediate solution as GCD is expected to undertake the construction of traffic lights. The plans have been approved by JKR and GCD has agreed to comply with these plans (whatever they are). There is no mention of a deadline, however.

      I hope if JKR were to remove the humps because they cannot bear the heat, there will be alternative measures to help the residents here. Or we will be back to square one while others wii be happy, getting to their office in 5 minutes instead of 15.

      We have suggested to GCD that they should extend the main inner road through to P4 but they do not seem prepared to do that and are not at all keen to keep us posted. I once asked Bala what the timeframe is for the construction of this road and the answer I got was “construction shall be as per schedule” (I am paraphrasing, but very close), which doesn’t make me any wiser. As P3 is the last parcel to be built, does this mean the road won’t be completed until P3 is developed? What to do except to grin and bear it?

      I hope all this unhappiness will bring the issues to a head and GCD and JKR will lay all the cards on the table. Heck, they could well begin the construction of the traffic lights next week for all I know. Or it may be some time. We just do not know.

      YB Charles Santiago’s office is trying to set up a meeting for Monday and his PA will keep us posted. We will be present if invited. I hope GCD will be represented as well, crossing my fingers as I type.

      On Thursday, November 8, 2012, Glenmarie Cove Residents and Owners Associati

  5. I fully agree that the problems of driving out of out main entrance have been made much worse by the increased volume of traffic. When I move to GC five and a half years ago the number of lorries and trucks going to Telok Gong were much less than now. Our local council have given permission for the construction of many new factories and warehouses without giving consideration to improving the only access road – Jalan Telok Gong. Now we are suffering the consequences. All of these new businesses should have been required to contribute to road improvements, in the same way GCD were told to construct traffic lights. .The urgent requirement now is for a road widening scheme to allow two lanes in both directions, even if the project will take some time. This should be our main goal in future discussions with Charles Santiago and other officials.

  6. Stanley Ooi says:

    The traffic lights will be a more senseful move, provided the traffic light has PLC controlled which can sense cars coming out from GC and activate the green light for maybe 10 seconds or so.

    Another option may just ask the guards who stand in the post there to act as a traffic control to smoothen the process of exit.

    Putting flashing yellow warning lights can caution drivers to slow down too.

    I suppose there are 4 occasions
    1. Entry from Telok Gong into GC ( i believe this shouldnt be problem, you just have to wait for the clearance from opposite lane)
    2. Entry from Kesas to GC after the junction ( even easier, just push your signal light and go in)
    3. Exit from GC to Telok Gong ( need some caution but still considered ok as needless to cross the lane)
    4. Exit from GC to Kesas ( This is the most dangerous route, ask the guard to assist rather than just stand there and doing the ‘tapik’ (salute) job…

    I am definitely not taking safety for granted, i can tolerate to slow down with those yellow embossing strips (bumping too much with high speed wont do good for my car). But to slow down the entire queue which can stretch up to 1km is simply not right. Everyone has own concern, one day you will find maybe (without the yellow box) you can never enter or exit easily as the queue built up bumper to bumper.

    Anyway, i am not here to argue, just looking for mutual benefits.

    • yfyin says:

      Dear Stanley,

      I agree with your idea of a PLC controlled traffic light, go ahead and propose this to JKR & GLENMARIE COVE Developer. I hope the traffic lights will be up ASAP.

    • We have made the same point as you have on the traffic lights for a long time. I hope you will write to JKR as you are now an affected party.

      On Thu, Nov 8, 2012 at 12:20 AM, Glenmarie Cove Residents and Owners Associati

      • wkchoo says:

        We are grateful to have a tireless and persistence GCROA president whose effort together with mindful residents get things going. A slow, painful and frustrated route for us dealing with this developer and welcoming you to join us to fight for our basic right. Go thru the blog to understand the efforts that were put in.

  7. Stanley Ooi says:

    The humps are making a very frustrating traffic jam entry and exit of telok gong. This is very annoying, i know the humps are for safety of GC residence, but these are making the world upside down for others. Yes i am working inside telok gong whereby i have to pass the humps in and out from my company.

    I suggest to put the yellow strips emboss type which can slow down all vehicles and remove the humps immediately. I may be a future GC residence as i love the community, house, serenity, soothing of the place but still i object the idea of the humps.

    Imagine i used to use 5 mins to reach my company starting from the telok gong and now i use 15mins to only reach GC entrance…… I believe many will starts complaint bout these humps soon.

    • Mr. Ooi, you may complain as much as you like and we will counter you and anyone else who does so. We care a lot for our safety, if you do not mind and it has taken us 10 months to get these humps and they came only after an accident had occurred.

      You said you know the humps are for safety of GC residents, but these are making the world upside down for others. It would seem that you will be entirely happy if we, residents, sacrifice our safety so that you can reach your company in 5 minutes. Is that right?

      You might not know this but the developer of Glenmarie Cove, Glenmarie Cove Development Sdn Bhd, is required by Jabatan Kerja Raya to install traffic lights at this junction. If you do not like the humps, which are a temporary measure in lieu of the lights, perhaps you would like to file a complaint with JKR, Daerah Klang and the Developer (Chief Operating Officer: Mr. Ben Yeoh – tel:03-31342828) and push them to speed up the installation of the traffic lights.

      Johann Foo
      Glenmarie Cove Residents and Owners Association

      On Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 7:49 PM, Glenmarie Cove Residents and Owners Associati

      • howsern584 says:

        hahahhaa… funny humps Mr. Johann.. Thanks for the traffic jam everyday. You’re not the one who goes in and out telok gong everyday so you’re acting like you’re always right. Because this jam doesn’t affect you at all! You only think for safety of GC residence.. why don’t you think other ways? After 5:30pm. Tired after working, Traffic jam makes people fed up! So you think they won’t get accident when they are tired?

        After the humps constructed, there’re a lot of accidents happens inside telok gong during the traffic jam. SO YOU TELLING EVERYONE YOU ONLY WANT GC RESIDENCE TO BE SAFE? And you can just ignore the safety of all other Telok Gong people who are using the road everyday??


        • Dear “howsern584”,

          Since you take the trouble to post in our blog, I’d like to respond to the points that you have made.

          Firstly, you feel I am acting like I am always right. Please dispel that from brain. Let me give you an example. * I know I am right* when I say you and another commentator under the name of “tomatolee” have a common email address. But relax, my friend, I will not divulge your email address.

          *I can only guess* howsern584 and tomatolee are one and the same person and would be a pretty good guess, I’d bet.

          Finally, something that *I really do not know if I’m right*; I feel “howsern” sounds a lot better than ‘tomato’ or for that matter ‘potato’. Purely as an advice from an older person to a younger one, please don’t ever use ‘kachang’ to mask your identity or people may think you are really ‘nuts’.

          We want to protect our families and I do not think you will disagree with that. We asked JKR for the humps and they built it. If JKR had thought that the humps would result in the traffic crawl that is being claimed, I am quite sure JKR would have declined to erect the humps. JKR is the expert in this issue, not Glenmarie Cove residents. We are happy of course to have the humps but please do assume we are not concerned about the feelings of other users of Jalan Telok Gong.

          Therefore, please read the latest posting “Just One Hump”, which is a summary of the meeting that was held at MPK yesterday among all the stakeholders. If you disagree with the ‘agreement’ between the parties, I suggest you should consult your representative, Mr. SS Wong, President of the Persatuan Pekilang-Pekilang Telok Gong.

          I should also touch on your response to the comment made by one of our residents, ‘yfyin’. The blog invites comments from people like Mr. Yin and even outsiders like yourself are not barred. Take it in the spirit of free speech and refrain from accusing others of lying or being crazy.

          On Wed, Dec 5, 2012 at 12:02 PM, Glenmarie Cove Residents and Owners Associati

      • Tomatolee says:

        Dear johan..

        (Look at your age) I guess making jokes to peoples name seems like it’s one of your favorite hobbies.

        hahha.. Anyway, it’s always up to me to change my name, I don’t care if you can trace my email or divulge my email address.. if you think you’re protecting your family with the humps and you’re not concern about the feeling of other users of jalan telok gong, did you ask your GC Residences? Why not try to walk around in GC and ask them how they think about the humps? =) How many residences of GC work inside telok gong? how they feel?

        without knowing, you can identify that i am “outsider”. Thanks for protecting the family in this way.

        • Dear Tomato,

          My favorite hobby is not making fun of other people’s names. Your assumption is wrong, again. This is rather disappointing for a supposedly smart person like you.

          Residents in GC who are not happy with the speed humps or whatever the GCROA has done can speak up like you do. Better still volunteer your time and put your money where your mouth is. Do the walk round yourself and give me the results. I assure you of my support if you are so darn clever because your success benefits all of us.

          If you are not prepared to be civil, then be prepared to take it.

          Please drive safely on your way home. Ripened tomatoes are easily squashed.

          On Wednesday, December 5, 2012, Glenmarie Cove Residents and Owners Associati

      • wkchoo says:

        It was started off with signature drives/campaign among GC residents and was successful. All GC residents fully supported the idea and what does this “tomato’ knows?? Tomato will always be tomato ….lembik and not worth our while.

    • yfyin says:

      Dear Stanley,

      I would say the humps are not the main reason why your journey to your office was delayed, the main reason is the increase of traffic going into telok gong, you should write in to the authorities to widen this road to 2 lanes.
      Without the humps, do you know how fast you guys are zooming through our main entrance, at those speed we will die if we got hit by these speeding vihicles or worse lorries.
      You are lucky they did not fix a traffic light yet, it,ll be worse.
      Even before they put a hump, the traffic is always crawling in the morning, most of you telok gong drivers are selfish, I mean even if there is a total standstill, normally you guys do not leave a gap for GC owners to exit. So! I would say the humps do not cause the delay, it is just the increase of traffic, especially in the morning. If you don’t agree, try driving into telok gong at 10 am or 3pm, it is so smooth driving.

      • Tomatolee says:

        Widen this road to 2 lanes is not a bad idea.

        “Without the humps, at those speed we will die if we got hit by those speeding vehicles or worse lorries.” You can’t just wait for empty and safety moment and make your turn?

        “Most of you telok gong drivers are selfish” How about you? You can sacrifice all telok gong drivers’s time for just making a turn. Nice.

        You can just tell lies like that the humps is not causing the delay??? hahaha… 1 After the humps constructed, telok gong started to have traffic jam and you say it’s not caused by the humps? funny… who will go to work on 10am or back at lunch by 3pm?

        Can’t making a turns from GC and you make those silly humps. Are you guys crazy? =)

      • yfyin says:

        Who the hell is tomatoeslee, this person really piss everyone off. Please use your own ideas in comment, don’t repeat what i said. By the way, you said the hump is selfish, i would say, without the humps, tomato is the selfish one. Blame the lorries please tomato.

  8. yfyin says:

    I saw two yellow markings near the entrance, they should include the yellow box soon.

  9. Sze Fook Lim says:

    Guess the hump caught some motorist by surprise as can be seen from the tyre marks before the hump. Managed to exit this mornng at 9 without anxiety. Good job.

  10. tonywee says:

    Came back last night to an unexpected bump as it was still unpainted…. and wondered how many motorcyclists must have “flown” over it in the dark. Hope its painted over now.
    Credit to all who took the trouble to write in to JKR. However, methinks it was YB Santiago’s intervention that finally got things moving. We must thank him for the fast response from his office, in spite of the fact that there must be many very urgent issues to attend to, in order to uplift the Klang/Port Klang area to a semblance of towns befitting a country approaching “developed nation” status. Otherwise we would still be “fighting” with JKR and GCD over the issue of safety at the exit gate.
    Thanks also to JKR for erecting the bonggols and putting in new lights.
    Perhaps its time to invite the authorities… MP, Adun, MPK, Police, JKR ..etc to a dialogue, as we need to have a working relationship with them. Don’t know about DRBH/GCD, as they do not seem to want to respond to the residents….sad indeed.
    Finally, the better solution in the long term is for GCD to complete the inner road for us to exit at Jln. Banting as planned.

  11. wkchoo says:

    There are long crawl now due to the hump and it solved the speeding problem immediately. However we still facing problem of getting out from GC as now all the cars are queuing and leave no gap unless some kind soul stop and let us through. This is my first obsevation this morning.

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