Double Happiness

We congratulate Hj. Husin bin Ahmad and Hjh. Asiah binte Hamid on the occasion of the the marriage of their beloved children; their son Hanafi to Nurdhabitahani binte Abdul Rahman and their daughter Huwaina (‘Nana’) to Mohammad Hafiz bin Sayid Ali.

The double matrimony resulted in the largest wedding function in Glenmarie Cove to date. Nearly a thousand guests came to the party. The guest area was 200 feet long, requiring the use of 10 canopies laid end to end, stretching over 8 homes along Damar Bayu 3B.

Here are some pictures I would like to share:

Beautiful Nana and her beau on the left; Hanafi and his lovely wife at right.

Cutting of the wedding cake

Hanafi making sure he does not drop the piece.

Nana’s turn. Brides eat cake with their eyes closed to savour every morsel. And those eyelashes!

One of scores of pictures that the couple would take with friends and relatives.

Playful Nana while hubby does an advert for Colgate.

Guests arriving and departing non-stop over the four hours.

Long line for the great food.

Just one-half of the tent area.

More beauties on parade.

Glenmarie Cove’s regular party goer in-chief. He never fails to support his neighbors.

Must not forget the singers, belting out song after song.

When it came to the food, I think what you see below was the pièce de résistance. Twenty-four birds at one go.



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  1. Sze Fook Lim says:

    As usual, enjoyed the food, company and occasion along with the cool breezy overcast weather.

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