P2 Jetty: Read the fine print

In case anyone has not noticed, the caveats, rules and regulations for use of the jetty can be found on the signage. From a distance of 8 ft the design brings to mind the fine print that we see in packaging labels so you don’t find out too easily the high fat content in what you are eating. GCD isn’t hiding anything. On the contrary it is quite amusing.

This is from about 8 ft:

Let’s be serious and zoom in to see what is on the plate:

Who wrote this?

Item 1: “…Rules and Regulations of the the General Conditions of Berthing by Glenmarie Cove.” Has anyone seen a copy of the General Conditions of Berthing? This sentence requires some edit because it does not read well as is. They probably had wanted to say all users of the pier shall be subjected these Rules and Regulations and, where applicable, the general conditions of berthing (i.e applies to boat owners only).

Item 2: I have never seen a Berthing Permit. This is probably in the works.

Item 3: Also not enforced at the moment.

Item 7: Senangin Pier was the name for destroyed  jetty at Precinct 1. After the rebuild, if it happens, it will probably still carry the name Senangin Pier. So why has GCD used that name for P2 jetty? Did they simply unscrew the old plate and put it here? I am also seeing many Indonesian workers fishing at the jetty at night. How do they get through security?

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4 Responses to P2 Jetty: Read the fine print

  1. Gary says:

    Rule No.8, the word “help” needs to be replaced with the word “keep”

  2. boyscout2b says:

    hahaha…I think you are right! They just re-used the sign from P1 (Laut theme). Since P2 has a Bayu theme, I suggest they use “Layang-Layang Pier”.

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