It ain’t pretty no more

I think with hindsight GCD should have ensured that MPK was in a position to take over the maintenance of grounds before the private contractors were removed. There is no denying this place is not looking as pretty as it should. I mean we should be Class A in Klang, right?

Have a look at these pictures.

Jalan Damar becomes water-logged these days when it rains because all the discharge holes are clogged by fallen leaves. Who is going to remove the debris? When will the MPK contractor be on board? 

The mud piles up and the green stuff keeps dying along many roads in P2. I suppose more of the same in P1 as well.

Empty lots are mostly unkempt as a direct failure of GCD failing in their job of making sure that owners do what they are supposed to do under the Deed of Mutual Covenants and failing to follow the prescribed solution if owners fail to undertake their obligations.

Another example of an unoccupied lot where the owner does not take the necessary measures to keep the wild stuff under control to prevent the infestation by mosquitoes and worse, snakes.


Weeds have a terribly good time in Glenmarie Cove. While the grass dies.


Leaves, leaves everywhere.


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10 Responses to It ain’t pretty no more

  1. Gary says:

    Count me in for the proposed legal action. Let me know when and where the meeting will be

  2. dl2a15 says:

    Hi all,
    I received a letter from lawyer acting on behalf of GCD for the late payment.
    Anyone received the same?
    We should team-up on this.

  3. nickyteh says:

    Due to some urgent matters that had popped on on both sides, the meeting on friday 14th Dec 2012 has been put on hold till further notice.
    In the meantime, I have asked the lawyer to draft up a proposal for us with a few options and choices to choose from and will post it up on the yahoogroup mail and then we will take it from there.
    Sorry for any inconvenience caused

  4. nickyteh says:

    Sorry folks for d late reply. Have been bogged down with work n traveling. Finally get to stay put in GC. Ok, this lawyer who specialises in RA matters will be coming over to GC on Friday 14th Dec 2012 noon at 8, Jalan Damar Laut 2A. Hope to see you all then.

  5. calvindb2 says:

    Me too, will be witholding maintenance for Q4. Getting very ‘sian’. Such basic service, they can’t even deliver. This place has never been pretty and at this rate of neglect, soon it will not even be inhabitable!!

  6. yfyin says:

    I think, we should do what Nicky said, to stop payment for maintenance altogether starting from the time GCD failed to maintain the board walk street lights more than a year ago.
    They also failed to install the security Tags for P2 and P1 boom barrier for more then 2years now.
    They don’t care about the grievances and safety of the owners staying here, for example: They don’t bother to fix a traffic light or humps at the dangerous Telok Gong exit. We only managed to force them to make some humps after so many residents wrote to JKR. I guess they are making the humps now as JKR is watching over the case.
    Even JKR took some effort to reply our letters, unlike the letters we sent to Datuk Mohd Razeek of DRB Hicom which were I guess ignored by him. So far he never reply for more than a monh now.
    There are more than 10 new bungalows in progress at P2, seems like GCD is only interested to make money and probably these owners will be joining us later in the same grievances.

  7. boyscout2b says:

    I am holding back payment of GCD’s 4th Qtr maintenance fees. I fear that the situation will get a lot worse unless collective action is taken to pressure GCD (or MPK?) to buck up.

    • nickyteh says:

      We should stop paying altogether for those months we weren’t accorded services instead of holding back and paying later. Why pay for services not rendered for that particular month? By the way, I would like to extend this invitation to all disgruntled GC owners and residents to join me in a class action against GCD and DRB-Hicom. Due to my hectic traveling schedule. I can only arrange for my lawyer to meet up in GC 3rd week of Nov 2012.

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