Pressure Pressure

Below is JKR’s response to GCROA’s letter dated 26 September, 2012 wherein I had chided them for ‘nothing is happening’, a few days before the accident.

I have troubled Sharmila a lot these past few days with translation work (for Registrar of Society matters as well) so I will attempt to loosely translate the above JKR letter. If anyone thinks I’ve gotten it terribly wrong, please give a shout.

It says that the design plans for the road (Jalan Telok Gong) were approved on 13 September, 2016 and GCD has agreed to carry out the works in accordance with the approved design. However, there are existing utilities (like underground cables, water pipe) to be dealt with and relocated before works can begin and the contractor involved is in the process of determining all these things. Meanwhile, GCD will construct the speed humps with yellow lines (no mention of yellow box) as a temporary measure to improve the safety on this road. I think that’s about right.

In an email reply to a number of residents who had filed complaints after the accident, JKR had gone further by saying that the bonggol works should be completed by the middle of the second week in October (that means next week) and they will be monitoring the works. These statements are absent in this snail mail.

Anyhow, I think it is unlikely that GCD can mobilise that quickly and finish off in a week but just to be sure that this subject will not stretch out indefinitely we should watch closely the progress. Thus, if we do not see the construction materials or anything that points to an imminent start of works towards  the end of next week, I humbly suggest that those who had received the email reply should fire off messages like ‘what’s happening, dude’ to JKR with copies to the YP Pengarah Negeri Selangor, Pengarah Perancang MPK and GCD of course. Include the COO of Services and Properties at DRB-Hicom. And Yin will include the Prime Minister’s office, of course. Keep going at them.

Thank you and have a happy weekend.

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