Getting somewhere, I hope. Update: They’ll be humpin’

Thanks to the efforts of Tony Wee who had written to the Member of Parliament for Klang, YB Charles Santiago, and providing his office with a link to the blog posting on the accident two days ago.

YB Charles Santiago has written to JKR urging action on their part to resolve our road safety issue. The letter has been copied to the Minister for Public Works and the deputy head of Majlis Perbandaran Klang plus other usual suspects, as listed.

Thank you YB Charles Santiago!

Update: JKR Klang has ordered GCD to complete the speed humps by the second week of October. This was in response to the complaint filed by Yin and a few other residents via the JKR website. This plus the MP’s letter copied to the Minister shook things up a bit I’d imagine. JKR has also stated in the letter sent to the individuals (like Mrs Wong of P1, Tony Wee P1, Yin P2, Daren Ong P2, Choo P2 and Gary Geh P2) who filed complaints that they will monitor the progress of the works ordered to ensure a satisfactory job is being done.

Thank you all for your efforts.

I’d still very much like to know if anyone has any knowledge about the passenger in the smaller car who was hurt. I pray she is okay.

The speed humps will afford us some protection and whilst the fight has definitely been worthwhile, there is for me still a bitter after taste in that it took a real accident to jolt them into action. There
was simply no demonstration of a sense of responsibility and that is
what disappoints me the most. I’d like to think that the GCROA has done it’s best to fill that vacuum.

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  1. Please note that the speed humps shall be laid on 7 November and completed the following day. This is according to a time-table set by JKR in their reply to the Member of Parliament for Klang, YB Charles Santiago.

    • boyscout2b says:

      Hope the speed bumps extend to the road shoulders. Otherwise, those speedy motorbike demons will simply go around the bumps even before you have a chance to accelarate out of the GCD entrance!

  2. Gary says:

    Very encouraging news. Testament that when residents unite for a cause, good things happen.

  3. The road signs for the humps were put up around 4:00 PM today (23 Oct). According to the JKR officer supervising the work being done, the humps should be laid in about two weeks. This is kind of a notice period for regular users of the road. I suppose the odds that idiots who treat this as a raceway will have a few broken teeth when they get over the hump for the first time have narrowed significantly. Pity.

  4. calvindb2 says:

    Johann, in response to your query about the injured Malay lady, she had 13 stiches on her head as a result of banging against the driver’s head. Don’t ask me what the driver’s head is made of. Hahaha! The injured lady was discharged the same day.

    • yfyin says:

      Send my regards to your daughter. Take care.

      • calvindb2 says:

        Thanks Yin. Yes my daughter seems to have put the incident behind her. And her company gave her the luxury to work from home for a week. Hope she will be ready to drive again next week.

    • Thanks for the update. I am glad that the Malay lady is okay. Poor woman must have suffered a huge shock.

      Seems odd that she required 13 stitches for a head-to-head knock with the driver, and the driver went uninjured. Her colleague at the scene told me that blood was flowing down the left side of her face and I thought then her head must have hit the side of the car, consistent with the damage to their car (see picture in earlier post).

      I trust your daughter has recovered from the traumatic ordeal.

    • Gary says:

      It pays to be hard headed!

  5. lionelsharon says:

    Thanks to all who have put in the effort to get things moving thru various channels. Let us all continue to have a collective effort to get our resident area liveable. Well , paper work is moving and we just need to see action in two weeks or more. Cheers.

  6. wkchoo says:

    Thank you all for the effort and good work!! By chipping a little from each one, GCROA will continue making this a better place to stay. Bravo!!

  7. shirleepoel says:

    Kudos to everyone involved and mostly to you Johan and the rest of the big guns. I think yellow box and humps are good enough to slow traffic down. Traffic light will not be necessary as it is not easy to pinpoint when the traffic volumn will slow down i.e. JPJ doing roadblocks way ahead or accident way back to Telok gong village. Besides, traffic system cost hundreds of thousand (as I was told) , it is not just the pole and lights but a whole lot of computerised stuff. If GDC have to pay for the traffic lights, I’d rather that they spend their money in taking care of the walls and the main driveway…it’s decrepit beyond belief.

  8. ichtus17 says:

    I’m told JKR has directed GCD to put the “bonggols” in place by next week, together with a yellow box. The traffic lights will take longer as there are underground water pipes and electric cables to rekon with. Lets see what happens.
    Anyways, certainly a vote of thanks to YB Charles Santiago for coming to our aid.

  9. dl2a15 says:

    Wow.. By next week??!! Wow!

    Thanks all for the hard work

  10. yfyin says:

    I have just recieved an email from JKR that the bonggol will be made the second week of October.

  11. boyscout2b says:

    God bless Tony Wee and GCROA. I hope that the yellow box will be implemented whether or not they finally agree to the traffic lights or speed bump or both. The yellow box will enable GC residents to make a right turn when the inbound traffic grinds to a stop (as it often happens during the rush hour).
    Btw, as you would notice GCD is still asking for us to pay for maintenance for the next quarter!

  12. darenong says:

    Now some real muscle into action.

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