Glenmarie Production: Attack of the Mozzies

It’s not  a movie. But definitely irritating. And a health issue no less.

I moved into GC 13 months ago and it was no where as bad as now. These days residents who take a walk in the evenings can find themselves the center of attention among the zillions of mosquitoes that come out around that time.

Those who live by the lagoons must be having a terrible time in the evenings if they venture to sit in their gardens or cook in their exterior kitchens. Just ask Jenny and Frank Bekink in P2 about their irritation and the constant scratching and cursing. A few evenings ago Jenny brought the evidence to me – in a plastic bag and dead of course.

They were attacked by hordes of these pesky insects but out came her twin defensive system! By that I mean her two maids, armed with aerosol cans and this is the result after just a few squirts:

This problem will persist if something isn’t done to alleviate the situation.

There are  the puddle or two of water in empty homes and homes under construction. But these cannot be the only production ground for so many of these insects. It must be the lagoons which are pretty stagnant and the rains are more frequent this period.

The management here needs to tackle this problem and arrange for the spraying of chemicals over the water on a regular basis. Fogging by MPK too.

Well, I hope the mozzie experts will bother to weigh in on this issue. It can turn serious because mozzies can cause diseases leading to death.

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10 Responses to Glenmarie Production: Attack of the Mozzies

  1. Tan JaiMe says:

    I did report of Aedes mosquito spotted when I initially moved in. Then MPK sent a whole van of officers over and they did a check, but I don’t remember if they did fogging or not.

  2. ichtus17 says:

    Them mozzies also breed amongst the rocks fronting the river as well as around the lagoons. The management used to fog these areas and even clear the rubbish and floatsam around the jetty, but not anymore.!

    Stocking Tilapia in the lagoons helps, but not if they are people netting them and taking them home. Some of us have discussed the idea of stocking the lagoons with fishes for Catch n Release fishing, but will need management’s committment to put up “no netting” signs and to instruct the guards to stop people netting the fishes. Perhaps the signs should say ” No nets to be used. Catch n Release fishing only. The water is polluted, DO NOT EAT THE FISHES.”

    On a related note, there is no upkeep of the playground and areas around the P1 lagoon for some weeks now. Grass is getting longer and leaves not swept. I gather MPK is about to appoint a contractor for the job. Meantime we have paid GCD for maintenance. What gives?.

  3. boyscout2b says:

    Could try getting a contractor to fog as I don’t think MPK does fogging unless there is a reported dengue case. I think biological control in the lagoon would be best. Just put in more tilapia or similar fishes to eat the mosquito larvae. Of course a notice to residents not to catch all the fishes in the lagoon would help too.

    • wkchoo says:

      I occasionally fishing in the lagoon with my daughter and nephew and we released all the fish caught. The lagoon has many small fish expecially tilapia and its fun for the children. I had put in maybe about a dozen of tilapia(about 6 inches) in the lagoon so far from my net casting along the river and few of our anglers buddies were putting even more into the lagoon. If the management allow the sea water to flow in and out as the Sri santai and jetty 3’s lagoon, then maybe there will less problem.

    • shirleepoel says:

      Me again, one question, do mosquitoes breed in brackish water? I think the lagoon has a lot of animals/fishes , amphibians alike that feeds on those mozzie larvaes if they are there at all. I think the main culprit are those abandanoned houses with pools or pond features . All it takes is just a day of rain to set the whole motion of breeding in cycle.
      I am still sore about being hounded to cover up construction area (during my time ) and now , if you walk pass construction sites, you will find not only the dreaded nails…the building materials are spilling out onto the pavement as well….betul betul tidak Guna

      • Yes, mosquitoes breed in brackish waters. Google for more info.

        Putting in fish like tilapia in the lagoon is a good idea but do not expect that the fish will simply thrive after that. Tilapia is one of the most hardy fishes and it can survive in relatively high saline conditions and low dissolved oxygen environment that other fishes will simply perish. It can reach sexual maturity in two months after hatching so those six inch fishes that Choo had put in should be capable of breeding and there should many more in the lagoon unless Choo has put in only eunuchs or all females or they have all perished. This last conclusion is possible if chemicals and other toxic solutions are thrown into the drains, ending up in the lagoon. Also, do not forget about the monitor lizards (biawak). The only good monitor lizard is one that ends up in a curry pot. Also the fish needs to be fed because they cannot grow well just by surviving on phytoplankton. They need the fish pellets just as man wants more than bread and water. So it is a bit more complicated.

  4. mahaza88 says:

    Yes, mosquitoes are making their presence in P2 on increasing amount. I didnt have to use repellent previously but now need them in the house and bedrooms at night.
    I think strategically placed mosquito traps ( not Repellent!) in outdoor areas eg around lagoons, bushes, will clear the mosquitoes,in time, as it’s effective in preventing further breeding by reducing mossie population in the locality.
    Perhaps Management can look into this..

  5. shirleepoel says:

    Re- Mozzies and whatnots
    I was walking my doggie today and i passed by several houses which were in the midst of renovation. It was an ugly sight. I remember the time when i was renovating my house, the security guards were like pesky mosquitoes themselves, zooming on me all the time to block this up and block that up. Block block block what? Walk around P2 now and you’d see building materials left messily askew like the aftermath of a tornado. I found some nails , not ony on the pavement but out on the road ( I am always on a mission , on a lookout for nails, can say i got nailophobia – in my dictionary, got such a word , yes ) and was really peeved at the mess , I won’t be surprised if the stagnant waters at those premises are one of the breeding grounds of thoseblardy bloodsuckers.

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