PI Jetty: teruk nya

Resident YF Yin’s (alfasensor@gmail.com) business expertise is in the field of sensors. This may have sharpened his sense of perception somewhat.

He has a sense of foreboding about the remnants of PI jetty following its destruction by a runaway barge. That incident happened on February 25, 2012 and you can read it here.

Almost seven months have passed and there is still no news when the rebuilding will begin. The facility is insured of course and the liability is a clear one. So let us hope rebuilding will  begin  soon because Yin fears the ropes you can see in the pictures below may not hold things together for long. If the parts break away, the strong current can easily carry these ‘mini barges’ towards the new P2 jetty. If that happens, the boats presently moored at the jetty (including Yin’s boat, of course) may not be a pretty sight. The debris could also endanger other fishing boats plying this river.

Judge for yourselves:

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5 Responses to PI Jetty: teruk nya

  1. ichtus17 says:

    I asked Guna once when they will start repairing the jetty …… he answered ” the repair will take 8 months.” …. Question is ….. 8 months from when?…. duh.!!!

    • Here is an update I have received from Bala:

      The insurance claim has been finalized. You obviously know that every insurance company is quick to collect the premium but very slow to pay off claims. GCD is waiting to collect – a Senangin on hook is better than 100 surrounding your boat. It could be settled by the end of this month so work can begin soon after that (hope). The job goes to the contractor who built the jetty originally, an Australian company operating in Malaysia. Will cost around RM1.2 million.

      So it seems to be moving (i don’t mean the remnants) and hopefully Yin’s fear will
      disappear. Phew!

  2. Gary says:

    Oh My God…. anytime now! I would move my boat out as soon as possible (If I had one) Can’t rely on GCD repairing the jetty anytime soon. If your boat is damaged (touch wood) by the P1 jetty, don’t bet on getting your claim.

  3. boyscout2b says:

    In one of your earlier posting, I believe you mentioned that the insurance company has already to settle the claims. If so, then what is holding GCD from hiring the same P2 Jetty contractor (which I remembered took a long time to set up P2 jetty) or another contractor to fix the P1 jetty?! Is it because GCD/DRB-Hicom is a bad paymaster?! That brings me to the matter of Q3 security & maintenance fees that is coming up soon. Should we be paying the maintenance fee, given that GCD has handed over maintenance to MPK? Maybe we should pay maintenance fees to GCROA, so we can hire additional labor for lanscaping work?

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