The death of Sungai Langat has been greatly exaggerated

Received this email from a weekend guest Zaharudin Taib:

Just to share our catches at Glenmarie Cove. Actually there are still plenty of fish stock in the area. We normally spent only 1 hour of fishing and hardly come home empty handed.

Here are the pictures to prove his point:

Keep it up Zahar!

Meanwhile, at the entry and exit gates:

As the readers are probably the cheapest in the market, we have to be pretty close to the reader for it to work. The pillars of the boom gates are on the road and I find that I have to swerve away from it to avoid damage to my car. Is it just me or do others have a problem as well? Anyway, I have requested GCD to relocate the pillar on to the floor of the  (capsized) boat house which should be easy to do. The question is how long will it take?

Finally, received this email from a resident:

Let me share this; Previously or initially when I had this problem (no one collect my grass eventhough it’s nicely pack and place near the dustbin), i confronted the rubbish collector( before MPK) and was told that their contract was only to collect food waste and nothing else. The collection of gardening waste was by another contractor (the chinese lorry driver if you all noticed). Ok, so when i spoken to this ‘grass contractor”, he told me that his contract does not cover my street (Damar Bayu 4B)!!…This was confirmed by Guna then and after the normal bashing ##**!! it was collected. Now both contractors are no longer with GCD…lets see what will happen next.

This post has the schedule for the MPK contractors. Please bear in mind the contractor for the removal of garden debris (your grass cuttings) comes only twice a month. The household (food) waste contractor will not touch your black bags lying outside the bin. Try putting it in the bin if it is not too much.

If you cut the grass just after the contractor has been around, your bags may be there for up to 14 days. Thus it is good to know  the timetable for this contractor which I began asking for 45 days ago. I asked Bala again yesterday (for the third time, at least) and the positive news I can share is we should have the answer by the 20th time of asking.

The  Chinaman and his crew are gone forever unless we do a deal with him (or another contractor) that we will have to pay for. GCD has terminated their services within the precincts for good. Meanwhile, the weeds are growing  on the divider from the boat house to P2. The MPK-appointed contractor for this ‘persiaran’ is still MIA.

We will address the issue of supplementing the garden/landscaping services along with the management of security services by the GCROA. More on this at a later date.

Have a good weekend.

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6 Responses to The death of Sungai Langat has been greatly exaggerated

  1. A group of five hopped into Yin’s boat yesterday, 25 September, to lay a 400ft gill net hoping for a good catch. We cast it twice and the result was one miserable inedible fish even though Yin piloted his boat in a zig-zag manner (reminiscent of one James Bond movie) hoping it would drive the fish towards the net.

    Nothing! Nada!

    All I can say is the river yesterday was as dead as Julius Caesar.

  2. yfyin says:

    The pictures with Glencove 1 at the background shows that this pictures were taken many months ago, recently, the fish and prawn caught really seem to reduce a lot.

  3. yfyin says:

    Now that you took the pictures with the boom gate on the road, I only notice that they are actually mounted on the road, I always feel the pressure of hitting it every time I drive by it, I too have to swerve away from it to avoid damage to my car.
    The problem now is how are we going to persuade this selfish developer to get things done right?
    There are so many things that are faulty in Glenmarie and are left unattended to even after a protest which end up in the press:-

    1) The total lost P1 jetty which is going to give way at any time , and when it does, it might float over and hit the P2 jetty, especially in the next three days tide, which exceeded 5.5 meters.

    2) The whole stretch of P2 board walk lightings, not a single one of them is working except the lone new spot light which cover the BBQ area, the total darkness condition is coming near to a year now, I guess, the developer is waiting for something bad to happen before taking action.

    3) The riverside sensors which will forever be left faulty

    4) The famous narrow and crooked ramp is another unattended default.

    5) The auto boom gate for both P1 and P2 entrances.

    6) Faulty gym equipment.

    If I am right, the developer will not repair them since this will incur extra losses for them, and if they are sincere about doing something to these complaints, I am sure it would not take more then 6 months or one year to do it?

  4. wkchoo says:

    Since the maintenance(major part) are now pass to MPK, what is our right under the “deed of mutual covenent” to reduce or not to pay the maintenance to GCD? The saving then can be paid to newly apponted contractor.

    • The principle is we pay for the services we receive. Thus from 1st October we should only pay for security services. In theory, there should be something for the maintenance of facilities, like the jetty and the gym BUT the service has been so bad and minimal I’d be surprised if they have the audacity to ask us to pay. So let us see what the new charges look like and then react.

  5. boyscout2b says:

    As to moving the boom arm mechanism to the floor of the boathouse, I think you can wait for the proverbial blue moon. You noticed that they have planted 3 palm trees on the visitor parking lot, Yeah, its nice (for marketing purposes) but that means visitors/contractors are now forced to park partly in the residents lane or else (though not likely) park further away along the divider or roadside before the guardhouse. As to the level of “maintenance”, I shiver to think what our beloved GC will look like in 6 months time!

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