Bragging Rights

When to brag?

When a man has a partner who looks like this:

Or catches a fish like this:

Sail fish caught by P2’s WK Choo off Pekan, Pahang on September 1. A group of anglers left for Pekan right after tucking in some food at the Merdeka-Raya BBQ. Makes great fish burgers if Choo is not mounting it for display.

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11 Responses to Bragging Rights

  1. darenong says:

    They are going again sometime end of Sept or early Oct … book ur place soon !!! Guaranteed sotongs and sailfish …. plus other edible fishes …..

  2. Sze Fook Lim says:

    Other fishes caught were kuci rats eg. yellow maiden (translated from Chinese), cermin, selar, garupa but they were great table fishes and the best of all, a good number of sotongs, good size and tasty. The boatman brought soy sauce and wasabe and prepared shasimi onboard from our catch for those who are not seasick!!

  3. shirleepoel says:

    Hhhhmm..if i have to chose between the stunning hot babe and the stunning fish…i’d take the fish, at least you can freeze that fish if you can’t finish…. as for the other babe….you wouldn’t want anything frigid hehehe : )

  4. tonywee says:

    Great catch Choo … congrats.

  5. Sze Fook Lim says:

    Food for thought; investing in a Ferrari gets you the top pic and using the Ferrari of tackles gets you a different kind of trophy. Just ask Choo the amount he “invested”?

  6. wkchoo says:

    The weight of the fish is guesstimated around 40kg plus and it was duly released alive after a quick photo.

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