BBQ Pictures

Here are some pictures of the Merdeka-Raya BBQ, courtesy of Calvin Lee of P2:



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3 Responses to BBQ Pictures

  1. lionelsharon says:

    The merdeka bbq event went well overall with everyone chipping in to help last minute and those supportive residents attending. Big thank you to those who came early to set the venue. Big thanks to the president Johann Foo and his wife Lilian for their ever magnificent food preparation and served during the occasions. The highlight was the BBQ grill lamb. We can do much better and less challenging with the understanding and cooperation of all the residents present to help clear the table & left over before they decided to leave the venue. Few residents thought the event was catered and we have to tell them it was a collective effort of the GCROA members to host this event ourselves. Moving forward there is room for improvement for such event i.e having a proper coordinated volunteers job scope otherwise Johann will not have the energy to slice the lamb since he spent the whole day cooking all the goodies let alone getting all the bbq set & accessories to the site. Cheers.

  2. boyscout2b says:

    The food was nice – so a BIG thank you to our President and Orgnising Committee. But the “not nice” thing was the trash (trash bags were ripped open by stray dogs overnite) scattered at the venue the morning after.

    • Sharmila has arranged for someone to pick up the trash. We should have sprayed the outside of the bags with insecticide or mosquito repellent. That has worked for me in the past but, you know, getting old so forget easily. The dogs are put off by the scent of the chemicals. I hope the area will be tidied up by today. If GCD had not terminated the garden contractor, problem would have been solved on Saturday. Obama blames Bush, so we blame GCD.

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