Merdeka-Raya BBQ: The Burn is On

The BBQ is on!

Almost 120 bookings were received, including some shortly after the midnight deadline yesterday.Update 6:17 PM – target 120 attained.

The list is now closed as workers (I mean the usual volunteers) need to focus on job.

We have a modest menu (all halal), due to budget constraints, comprising:

Cream of mushroom soup – the real stuff, not powder from a tin and mixed with water, which is what most caterers (and even some restaurants) do.

Whole lamb on rotating-spit roast (lamb, not kambing).

BBQ chicken

BBQ lamb cutlets (if budget holds)

BBQ chicken sausages

Fried meehoon & Fried Rice

Boiled or mashed Baked potato

Mixed salad greens

Mixed vegetables

Cupcakes (by Esther. Homemade), Mixed Fruits and Ice-cream

We are not against the idea if anyone wants to bring other (exotic) meats, especially if you intend to share it. So fish, prawns (what say WK Choo our resident Prawncatcher?), US ribeye steak, Wagyu/Kobe beef, etc2.

Enjoy and more importantly get to know your neighbors.

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9 Responses to Merdeka-Raya BBQ: The Burn is On

  1. Sze Fook Lim says:

    Agreed with Tony, great dinner and wonderful evening. Many thanks to all who put in so much work and many of you who made it happen. Cheers.

  2. tonywee says:

    Great gathering last night. Enjoyed the food…. good variety, from roasts to bee hoon, fried rice, home made cream of mushroom soup and fruits, cupcakes and ice cream….. missed Choo’s prawns though.:-) More importantly, also made new friends with some more fishing kakis and new residents.
    A vote of thanks to the committee for taking all the trouble setting it up …. these are the unsung heroes …. many thanks again, Johann and gang.

  3. boyscout2b says:

    Hooray! Roast lamb for me! (with mint sauce and black pepper sauce, I hope). I also hope your budget is sufficient – if not, just put a tin can out front for contributions. I’m sure we all don’t mind contributing. Good work guys. Got political ceramah (for entertainment) or not?

  4. wkchoo says:

    One important reminder to all….pls apply mosquito repellent or else the mosquitoes will have a great feast!! The lighting are poor and wonder if anyone can bring spot light?

  5. wkchoo says:

    Yup yup!!! focus on the job now. Will try to cast for prawns tomorrow onward and hopefully the residents can taste our very own Sg. langat’s prawns. Keep our finger cross as tomorrow onward should be a good catch based on the tides table.

  6. Sze Fook Lim says:

    well done, looking forward to some yummy food

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