Merdeka-Raya BBQ Burnt Out

The response to the BBQ is rather poor.

The deadline for RSVP is tomorrow, 28th.

We will cancel the event if the head count does not improve.

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3 Responses to Merdeka-Raya BBQ Burnt Out

  1. boyscout2b says:

    Maybe you need to publicise it more. Put a sign on the boathouse. Tell people the menu and that it is FREE! (that uually works)

    • Let me share with you the following stats. The number of page views on the blog since Friday 24th have been 95, 80 (Sat), 55 (Sun) and 65 so far today (it was just 8 views at 9:00 this morning and the latest post made it climb to 65). Thus, we have a total of 295 views since the first post on the event. If we assume a visitor views three pages on average, we are talking about 100 persons having seen the notice. It could be less because there could be repeat views or it could be more if people just stay on the main page where the latest post is right on top. Our membership is 120+. So I do not buy the idea that awareness is the problem. Lack of interest therefore. Also it says FOC in the notice on the blog. The social committee are the people who do any real work so I hope their spirit will not be dampened if the plan is cancelled. They can only take the people to the water.

    • August 27 ended with 121 views:

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