MPK services in GC: update

Frustrated by the lack of response from GCD, resident Padma (Street Rep, P1) went to MPK on behalf of the GCROA to obtain more information on the provision of their services in Glenmarie Cove.

This is the information he obtained:

  • Three contractors have been appointed by MPK to provide the following services within  Precincts 1 and 2:

a. Collection of rubbish (Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday)

b. Grass cutting along the roads (twice a month), sweeping of roads (daily) and removal of garden debris (weekly or twice monthly – to be confirmed)

c. Maintenance of the playground areas, river front, lagoon front and other
landscaped areas

  • All three contractors presently assigned to GC are on a temporary basis. MPK has called for tenders and the process shall be finalized in due course.

It is our understanding that the feeder road and the drain from the (capsized) boathouse to the P2 entrance will still be maintained by GCD’s contractor. Someone has complained that the drain is clogged and there will be flooding when the rain comes. Please comment or email the blog if you see anything amiss (that could be a lot!).

Representatives from the GCROA will be sitting down with GCD’s lawyers at the end of this month to go through some handover issues that we have compiled. Have a read and please comment if you have any advice you feel is important so we have a more comprehensive list – I’m terrified that there are gaping hole(s)!  There are other issues as well but these relate to issues that no lawyer can help with.

In a nutshell, we are not there yet.

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6 Responses to MPK services in GC: update

  1. Gary says:

    We are well into the take over of maintenance by MPK and still our maintenance fee is not reduced! in fact GCD is masking the amount we pay them every quarter by not splitting the amount into maintenance and security like they used to? what are they hiding? We should each demand for an itemised billing from GCD as to how much are we paying for maintenance and security? We should do this because if you don’t, you have unknowingly been slapped with a fee hiked which you did not agree to!

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  3. boyscout2b says:

    Thanks Padma for the info on MPK services. I am also imterested in the frequency of services under category C as I see a lot of leaf litter piling up along the riverfront and play area. Also it seems flotsom (floating debris) gets washed up the riverfront after each full high tide and left unattended. Also, anglers and jala/net operators should be considerate to release/throw back the small or unwanted fishes they caught instead of littering the walkway/benches with their dead stinking carcasses (the fishes I mean).

  4. boyscout2b says:

    I agree that we have been shortchanged (esp after having paid the Jul-Sep fees). I don’t think that residents don’t mind – its just fatigue on my/our part. I think we may need GCROA (who else?) to take the lead and advise whether we should hold back our 4th qtr fees until these (maintenance) matters are resolved, including addressing the issue of overlapping payments for maintenance (mgt fees & council rates).

  5. dl2a15 says:

    Hi Johann,
    What is the scope on item c? Does it include watering?
    I am thinking to prepare a nice funeral for grasses in front and back of my house…

    • Good question. Watering applies to areas in item (b) as well, the dying grass verges in front and back of your house. I do not believe the standard terms of engagement by MPK include watering but such matters can be sorted out between the contractor and the management company for additional fee.

      Do you feel shortchanged because you have paid for the July-Sept quarter and then the watering stops all of a sudden, killing the grass, er weeds, (whatever is left)? Residents do not seem to mind as there is hardly any noise. Nevertheless, we have appealed to GCD to continue the service until the end of September, but that looks to be unfruitful. Looks like a football match where one side scores a goal (got your money) and then reduce the size of the goal post so you can’t score!

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