MPK takes over services

Local council, Majlis Perbandaran Klang will take over the the collection of rubbish and provide grass cutting and drain clearing services as well in Glenmarie Cove with effect from August, 2012.

This move has been expected and is provided for under the Deed of Mutual Covenants. Expect a scale down in the activities of the current landscape contractor hired by GCD as there are overlapping areas. We will monitor the situation to ensure that the look and feel of the common areas will not be tarnished by these changes.

Rubbish collection days are unchanged, that is Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. MPK will also be removing garden variety debris and non-garden debris twice a month and the times and days involved will be made known to residents when they are confirmed.

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  2. Gary says:

    Driving out of Glenmarie Cove today, early in the morning, while it was still raining, I could not help but notice our roads slightly flooded. The flooding looked to me like an overflow from our covered drains.

    The immediate cause would be the heavy down pour. The rootcause of the overflow would be the clogged drains that are in severe need of clearing. The need to clear these drains becomes more necessary as we go into the monsoon season.

    Immediate action for residents is to buy a pair of yellow pua chu kang boots each.

    Long term action would be to get MPK to start clearing our clogged drains.

    What’s very worrying is that it hadn’t even been raining for days, not even for hours and already we have slight flooding.

    A consolation is that if the water levels get too high, we have the river as an outlet, provided the tides are low at that time. And if the tides are high at that time and the flooding at life threatening levels, we can all jump into one of Eric Yong’s many boats for safety.

    • The main service road that runs from the boathouse to P2 and eventually P4 is deemed a “persiaran” under MPK’s empire building structure and comes under a different department and therefore yet another contractor. Officials must be loving this. The contractor has yet to be appointed for this persiaran but soon, I hope.

      This reply is being copied to Messrs Bala and Guna and hopefull they can recall the tall thin Chinaman for a day or two to clear the drain for worthy con$ideration.

      So what makes a ‘persiaran’? Basically, where there is a divider. Duh.

  3. shirleepoel says:

    I am not always in the habit of locking my front door regardless of whether I am home, or chatting with someone just a bit further down the street (unless it’s at night) . I feel safe because i see the same guys collecting my rubbish , cut grass or whatever. Now reading that MPK will take over…sigh….i have to treat my house like Fort Knox…who knows, people may just wander in and wander out.

    On another matter. (pertaining to maintenance fee). May i suggest that those who frequent the gym to pay a monthly stipend of something, whatever amount to be decided, so that this burden will not be passed on to the rest of the residence who do not use the gym? This $$$ collected will be soley used for the upkeep/repairs of the gym. I understand from my son that the airconditioners are kaputt, the equipments are falling apart…it looks like a crap gym. Anyway..i can understand that nothing is being done at this moment as we will eventually be moving to the new clubhouse ?? If so..well…that’s tolerable.

    On another note..Does anyone notice the shabbiness of the estate ?The main wall that runs along the main road is an eye sore…Pudu jail walls were prettier. If they can’t seem to keep any damn plant which they have tried planting, alive…well they could at least paint the wall to match the foliage and not some pale shade which will end up looking dirty and rundown….well…just my observation.

    what do you think?

    • I understand MPK has a panel of contractors to undertake services like rubbish collection and your concern seems to derive from your belief that the contractor employed by MPK is more risky than the contractor used by GCD. I suppose that’s fair since there hasn’t been any report of foreign freaks stealing undergarments from our drying yard.

      GC is but one tiny community among thousands, large and small, served by local Councils. Honestly, I haven’t come across any report where rubbish collectors employed by local councils are having a field day carting away possessions of households they service and I would guess there will be daily reports of such happenings if there was a problem in the first place. Bear in mind also that a contractor can be removed from the panel if their workers are up to no good and there are complaints. I can’t see any greedy local contractor allowing his foreign workers to upset his gravy bowl. By the way, GCD contract workers may have done bad things in GC. Ask Choo – his bicycle was stolen at Seri Santai, of all places. I hope you will still keep your front door unlocked despite MPK.

      I strongly belief that a community like GC can only be successful and harmonious if we we give and take a little so I cannot buy the idea that regular gym users should pay an additional sum for upkeep. Where will it end? The anglers and boat owners have to pay something as well since they benefit most from the jetties? Your son’s observations on the state of gym are spot on and he will have no greater fan than Santok Singh who has complained long and hard over the past few months. The crux of the matter is not that someone should pay more but rather the poor management of the facilities. Lack of money, lack of interest – I really can’t put my finger on it.

      I am more convinced now that residents can only help themselves whilst GCD keep to property development within GC. I feel it is appropriate to let you all know that GCD and GCROA have taken the initial steps to explore the possibility of residents taking over the management of services and security in Precincts 1 and 2. There are important and weighty issues that we need to address, legally and otherwise, before we can put to the residents for approval. I will keep you folks posted as things develop.

      • shirleepoel says:

        Johan, I see where you are coming from. when it comes to paying extra, nobody wants to do that…I also did realise that some people may object to paying for the use of the gym just as they would object to paying for use the jetty. Nevertheless, I am wondering what is the ratio of budget alloted towards the maintenance of the gym??? I am sure zero for now or else it would not have been left to the state it is in, day after day, month after month… I foresee that it will be the same situation regardless where the gym is located. The gym equipments definitely need more maintenance than say. the jetty, or lightings or pavements etc etc. So how? How to ensure that there is money to maintain the gym? It is not that we can tell the kaputt equipments to take 2 panadols and call the doctor in the morning, …..if you know what i mean.

        • “I foresee that it will be the same situation regardless where the gym is located”

          Which is why I believe we should take care of things ourselves. *But it never going to be easy and we will not recommend it if it is Bridge Too Far. *Then what do we do? I have said there are significant issues, legal and otherwise, that must be ironed out. For example, we cannot have a brand new gym in a brand new clubhouse with with bars but no bells. Who owns the jetties? Repairs to jetties means big bucks, and there is not one ringgit in a sinking fund. So who is going to pay for repairs? How will that ‘power’ to issue bills and sue for debts be passed on to the new management corporation. Many more.

          Care to add more points?

    • Shirlee,

      So happy you brought up Pudu Jail. Nostalgia for me. I know the jail well – not that I was once an inmate.

      In my early childhood I lived in a squatter area close to the jail. The jail’s wailing siren would wake everyone up in the middle of the night but it was quite rare at night. It would be turned on whenever there was an escape attempt by inmates – mostly during the day because escapes normally happened when the prisoners were brought out to clear the compound around the perimeter of the jail. The grass was tall and provided good cover as well. Because of the maze-like layout built by the squatters over the years, escaping prisoners loved it! And they should have good knowledge of the maze because the prison was on higher ground and the upper cell floors were 3 or 4 stories high. We would cheer them on and just like in the movies we would point our finger in the opposite direction when the prison warders eventually came by. I just hope in hindsight we did not help someone who later became a serial killer. OMG!

      The mural on the wall was painted in the mid 80s and is recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s longest mural (nearly 900 ft). A Chinese prisoner started it and he even came back to finish it after his release.

      • shirleepoel says:

        the wow factor was that they said he painted the wall with his fingers, no brush was used ….
        back to the maintenance of the gym..Heck i don’t mind paying a stipend if i know for a fact that it will be upkept. Sometimes when a small part is kaputt and it is not being repaired, that small problem becomes a bigger problem and that is why the gym is at its sorry state…nothing was done to address the minor faults of the equipment, because nobody reported. Come to think of it..where does one report it?
        As for the jetty, i am pretty sure, come one day, one has to pay for berthing fees…for now it is free.
        I think collecting sinking fund is great but sigh…it is so damn hard to get people to pay the usual maintenance/security fees, let alone sinking fund…. Why can’t people see that it is for the betterment of our estate ?? I am baffled ..people just want to have it free it seems.

  4. tonywee says:

    Maintenance fee abolished and we pay a bit more for better security services?
    Perhaps this will be a good time to meet with the MPK rep for our area, as well as our wakil rakyat, also seeing that GE 13 is round the corner.

  5. boyscout2b says:

    Will GCD’s management fee be reduced accordingly, now that it doesn’t maintain the common areas?

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