Fooling an old dog with new tricks?

It has been said that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Well, I don’t know about that because I do not have an old dog – or any dog or cat.

So how about trying to fool an old dog with new tricks?

The next time you see the boom at the main guardhouse pop up with a mere wave by the security guard, it is probably due the subject contained in the email I sent to Mr. Balachandran of GCD a few minutes earlier.

“Dear Bala,

I just found out that the NGF guards are playing the GCROA for fools and may be aided and abetted by certain staff members of GCD.

You know the July 16 deadline we talked about was inserted just before we issued the GCROA circular to our members to resume payment and I made it a point to call you beforehand to make sure you are comfortable with it. I had no doubt you will be as it could speed up the resolution of old debts and to encourage other slow coaches to apply for the new cards. This entry by cards only on the RHS is a good security move and I do not think there is any need to debate the merits of this step.

So after yesterday’s reminder about the existence of a deadline (and I spoke to Guna as well to make sure he is also on the ball) I had high hopes that the access cards will be taken away from the NGF guards or the objectives of a deadline will not have a chance.

When I came back at 5:40 pm today the guard was poised for action near the reader but I could see he was not holding an access card. But he was, really, hidden inside his glove, like this:

The nervousness of the guard when I deliberately stopped to ask them whether they still have a card gave the game away.  I asked both the guards why they were doing this. They replied that there are a number of residents without the cards. And that was the whole point of having a deadline!

We are very mindful and serious about security measures in GC and hope that GCD is of the same mind. I hope you will realize that if the cards are not taken away from the guards, our/your objectives will not have a chance.

So why weren’t the cards taken away from the guards and who made the decision(s) and taught the guards how to hoodwink silly old me?

Look forward to your reply.


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5 Responses to Fooling an old dog with new tricks?

  1. dl2a15 says:

    Found that one of the tree at the back lane been chopped down, next to the unique back gate that Johann posted earlier, anyone know what happen?

  2. wkchoo says:

    Just back half an hour ago and the guard was excitedly wanted to flash the card for me!!! Why are they still doing it when email was already sent to GCD???

    • One concern I have is visitors being allowed to pass through because they have entered the residents lane on purpose or by mistake. It is likely because their enthusiasm to play assist shows these guards have very little sense of what good security is. This problem will continue until there is a rudder in GCD.

  3. lionelsharon says:

    This morning, around 6:40am as I was going off to work, this Toyota car was in front of me. He placed his car too far away to be able to allow the sensor to read his card so I assume this “resident” does not have a card. But the beauty was, this guard was poised to touch the sensor for me until I gave him a glare that could have melted not just ice but iceberg!

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