Looming water crisis in Selangor, politics and journalism

Since we live in Selangor, let us be aware there is a water crisis on the horizon if the dry spell continues until September.

This morning the The Star’s online edition reported that a special Cabinet Committee has been set up to discuss the looming water crisis in the great state of Selangor ( http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2012/7/19/nation/20120719103134&sec=nation) This comes after the Selangor Pakatan government had indicated that under the concession agreement with Syabas, the state government can take over the operations now undertaken by Syabas but it would need the approval of the Federal Government.

The Star takes great pain to explain that dry spells can lead to lower levels in the catchment dams, hence there may not be enough of treated water to go around and thus water rationing becomes essential. Well, have you learnt something extraordinary?

I’d rather want to know what makes the Selangor Mentri Besar believe that the State Government can do a better job at managing the State’s water supply than Syabas? Are the dams full as claimed in a recent statement issued by the State Government or was that untrue? If that was true, why would Syabas be requesting permission to carry out water rationing in several parts of the Klang valley? Also, is Syabas doing a good job at managing the State’s water resources or is too much going to waste? Where are the editors whose job must also be to provide guidance to the reporters so they can report on matters we’d like to know?

Reporters tend to regurgitate entire statements presented to them or hold up a microphone. Let’s hope investigative journalism will materialize in The Star one day. I’ve not purchased a newspaper for at least 10 years. I think I can go a further 10.

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  1. santok1950 says:

    According to the online papers there is no water crisis

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