Fishing: Round 3 results and pictures

The winners were:

No 1 – Mathieu Jieran (guest I of Daren Ong)- 8 Belukang (Hard Head Sea Catfish) – total catch weight 2.738 kg

No 2 – Daren Ong – 1 Senangin, 4 Belukang, 1 Pari Nyiru/Ketuka ( Pale Edged Stingray) – 2.018 kg

No 3 – Jared Tang (guest II of Daren Ong) – 1 Pari Nyiru/Ketuka ( Pale Edged Stingray), 2 Belukang (Hard Head Sea Catfish) – 875 g

A total of 13 took part in this round. Prize money of RM140, inclusive of RM24 carried forward from Round 2  were shared between the above in the ration of 45/35/20.

Report from Daren Ong  on his boat’s exploits:

We were hunting for Tetanda (small Jenahaks up to 2-3kgs) and small groupers near by the mangrove infront of Pulau Ketam jetty and stumble on a large school of Hard Head Sea Catfish with non-stop action of hookups up to 16 Hard Head Sea Catfish until we gave up because it was already 4.30 pm, if we stayed longer, we might just land more and more Belukangs! YF Lim caught the Mantis Prawn with a sotong bait along the mangrove area.

Senangin/Giant Threadfin/Indian Salmon/Threadfin salmon was caught nearby a fish farm in Pulau Ketam fish farm area. Pasar Prawns (dead bait) was the chosen bait for the fish.

Daren knows where the lubok lubok are and quite justifiably describes himself in Facebook as an NBA – Natural Born Angler. I wouldn’t know what an Indian Salmon looks like in a million years.

Here are some pictures:

Daren aka NBA with the Senangin caught near a fish farm in the background.

SF Lim with his caught mantis prawn (lai lieu har). Lim deserves full bragging rights as it is the only mantis prawn caught, however small. Deep fry this morsel and have it with beer, eh?

Total catch by Daren’s crew.

Fish looks pretty. Not the toes.

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  1. darenong says:

    Thank you Johann n shirleepoel. I hope everyone had fun under that beautiful not so hot sun.
    Johann everyone wondered where did u park ur big boat ?

  2. shirleepoel says:

    Congratulations to all the winners ! and thumbs up to the organising committee .

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