Let’s Pay and Pray

The message was emailed to GCROA members earlier today:

Message to GCROA Members and Residents re: Security and Maintenance Payments

At the GCROA AGM on 24th March 2012, the following minute was recorded:

The members unanimously agreed to withhold payments to GCD for security and maintenance charges until the issues and matters of dissatisfaction are resolved by GCD, in the opinion of the Committee.

The President said that the Committee will therefore be writing to GCD and Glenmarie Properties on the issues discussed at the AGM and the action members wish to take.

Following the delivery of the above letter to GCD, many of the issues of concern have now been addressed, including:

  • Commencement of Club House construction
  • Installation of an operational Security Barrier
  • Increase in the number of Security Guards
  • Clocking system for Security Patrols
  • Repairs to walkways and paths
  • Authoring the Security Operating Procedures and House Rules in consultation with GCROA.

In consideration of the above, the GCROA committee met on 4th July 2012 and voted to recommend that members and residents should re-commence payment of the Security and Maintenance fee to GCD.

This action will allow residents to collect their new Security Access card, the use of which will increase the level of security at Glenmarie Cove.

Residents who have long outstanding disputes with GCD and who have not paid their maintenance and security charges, and are therefore without the new car stickers as well, will be directed to use the Visitors lane as the guards will be not be allowed to open the right hand barrier for non-card holders with effect from 16th July, 2012.

Certain issues specified in the President’s letter to CGD have not yet been resolved and the committee will continue to work on the resolution of these issues.

In respect of the issue of traffic lights or speed humps at the Jalan Telok Gong entrance, JKR is presently evaluating the independent traffic impact assessment reports commissioned by GCD. The Committee will also impress upon GCD to construct the access road to Precinct 4 which will allow a much safer exit to the highway.

On behalf of the Committee I would like to thank members of GCROA and non-member residents as well  for their support and patience. It is rather unfortunate that more could not be done  to minimise the danger for residents when exiting Glenmarie Cove. JKR is aware of our predicament but they have to take into consideration the feelings of other users of Jalan Teluk Gong. In essence, we find ourselves between a rock and a hard place; a JKR which is concerned about the complaints and peak-hour tailbacks if speed humps are allowed and GCD which is not shy to quote chapter and verse from consultants’ reports to avoid building the traffic lights required by JKR, ironically an action that favors other users of the road and not the parties that bought the land and homes from them. Their unwillingness to tackle the danger we face on a daily basis as a matter of urgency is rather disappointing, in my opinion.

But let’s move and see what happens. I will ask the Committee to reassess the situation of our exit safety in three month’s time and I hope we will jointly undertake to do what is warranted when the time comes.

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  2. darenong says:

    In response to “traffic lights or speed humps at the Jalan Telok Gong entrance”
    We need some sort of “Zebra Crossings” for Cars or at least a STOP (to be managed by them security guards) sign to temporarily halt the on going traffic for a brief moment so that cars from GC can go across to the road … just a brief moment is not too much to ask for isn’t it ? For safety concern, I think this request is the least troublesome to any “responsible management”. WE TREASURE OUR LIFE AND THE LIFE OF OUR LOVE ONES ! I get VERY VERY ANGRY whenever the thought of my wife going out to work in the morning with my baby girl in the car crosses my mind knowing it is so dangerous at the entrance of GC trying to cross to the opposite road. I wonder why there is such a problem in the first place for a place that a house costs hundreds of thousands and even in million. People say, you pay peanuts you get monkey, are the owners of GC paying peanuts to get a house in here ? What a joke ! How do you do animal talk which means WE TREASURE OUR LIFE AND THE LIFE OF OUR LOVE ONES ! ACT NOW and stop making us look like fools (when we try to go to the opposite road by putting our lives in danger).

    If the current management can’t even provide such safety to the owners, residents, guests and their visitors, what good are they still here ?? I think it is as good as no management.

  3. wkchoo says:

    What is the house rule on this? Can we see the house rule?

  4. boyscout2b says:

    As you said, we shall revisit the security issues in 3 months time. In the meantime, could I get an update or official comment on the extent GC’s DMC are being enforced (sorry, my pet topic). My neighbour behind me (Bayu 1) has chopped down a matured tree and has opened up a section of the side fencing and seems to be (for the time being) using it as their main entrance. Cars are usually parked on the grass and sometimes on the road in front on this impromptu entrance. After the land grabbing incident on Bayu 4B of common property, including the pedestrian pavement, I am wondering if GCD will similarly turn blind and deaf here?

    • As it so happens, both the ‘land grab’ and the ‘disappearing tree’ are specifically covered in Bye-law 20 of the Third Schedule (which forms part of the Deed).

      The bye-law states:

      The Purchaser or occupier of the said Lot shall not:

      1. damage amy lawn garden tree shrub plant or flower being part of or situated on Common Areas except with the consent in writing of the Vendor (emphasis mine); or

      2. use for his own purposes as a garden any portion of the Common Areas.
      In the case of the lot behind you GCD should let us know whether consent was given for the cutting down of the tree and opening up the fence for ingress and egress. In the case of the ‘land grab’ there can be no consent.

      The Third Schedule of the DMC and the House Rules can only be as good as the following behind them. They set out essentially how we should all live in harmony and in peace with one another, respecting the rules and regulations we wish to subscribe to. Along comes individuals who believe they can do what they like and do! GCD may not be aware of the intentions of the owners concerned but then things are not done overnight so if the persons in charge of monitoring what is happening around the precincts do a fair job, they should have an inkling of what may be about to happen and therefore stop it from happening. This may be asking a lot, however, because the cries may not be answered.

      Well, these are clear breaches of the DMC. The question is what is GCD going to do to remedy the situation. Are the breaches remediable? I think they can if GCD wants to. A new tree can be planted perhaps not in exactly the position as before (there can be some flexibility) and the fence should be reinstalled. In the case of the land grab, well, restore the land to a common area. Again I would ask Mr. Bala what is GCD going to do about these cases because the clout lies with GCD (and no other party)under Bye-law 36 :

      Breach & Enforcement

      In the event the Purchaser fails, refuses and/or neglects to comply with any of the terms and conditions contained in this Deed ……. the Vendor [GCD] may at its absolute discretion deny the Purchaser entry into the Development and the said Lot without prejudice to any other relief or remedies available to the Vendor.

      Well, I for one feel the provision in Bye-law 36 is rather extreme and unrealistic. But I would like to see GCD do something that is tangible to demonstrate there is value in the DMC. Or it is a complete shamble. It is not so much that residents should respect one another – the majority do that! It is about what GCD will do when the bell rings. If it is afraid to do what is right and proper, then frankly, GCD’s role has become meaningless and residents should ask for them to give up their management role.

      • dl2a15 says:

        I am interested to find out the fights in P2 where the security guards looks on, any updates on this?

        • The owner issued a warning to GCD forbidding the company from discussing or providing information unless permission is granted by the owner.

          Frankly, we should not be concerned about the circumstances that led to the fracas because that is none of our business. However, it is highly relevant to ask how has GCD handled the situation to prevent such a thing from happening again.

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