I received this email and pictures from WK Choo:

Today catches from 2.30pm to 5.30pm. Guestimate weight about 3kg ++.

Well this explains why prawns are scarce and the price keeps going up. Choo is creating the shortage! Just jealous rage on my part, heh heh.

I hope Choo will gobble up every head and tail given the 3 hours he had spent under the hot sun to gather this loot.

Have fun at the river bank. Wallow in the mud and feel the sweat running down your back.
But first, learn how to throw a cast net. Scores of video clips are available on YouTube. Here is one which I have trimmed:

Finally those who are not into ‘prawning’ may want to settle for Spycatcher, a book written by Peter Wright , an  assistant director of British Intelligence (MI5), about his efforts to uncover a Soviet mole inside the organisation. He concluded that the mole was non other than Roger Hollis, the Director General of MI5. If it was true (the book was in fact banned in Britain which drove up sales internationally – the author died a rich man ), MI5 was a perfect example of a fox guarding the henhouse.

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5 Responses to Prawncatcher

  1. darenong says:

    nice catch Mr choo …. and a great 2 handed no shoulder net casting method … mimic and managed to open up the net 3 and a half quarter… great method Mr johann foo tks for sharing …

  2. boyscout2b says:

    Wahhh! This was at the P2 jetty?!

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