Fishing: Round 2 results , Round 3 news

July 1, 2012 was a good day for the fish. All but two tiny weeny inedible catfish managed to elude capture. The predictions were all wrong!

SF Lim of Damar Bayu 3B, with his pair of genetically similar winners weighing a total of just 171 grams. With his prize money of RM20, Lim can buy 10 kilos of this stuff.

WK Choo of Damar Bayu 4B with what would have been a winning catch if it was caught 30 minutes earlier.

On to Round 3 which will be held on Sunday, 15th July offshore around Pulau Ketam where there is a prospect of landing 13 kilo stingrays like this by YF Yin 0f Damar Bayu 3A on Saturday 30th June ………

Yin with his big catch off Pulau Ketam. Looking on is the happy boat owner Vincent. A good christening for Vincent’s new toy (he owns huge racing yachts as well).

…. which ended up like this on Sunday night.

Grilled ray with a finger licking sauce by Sarah Choo. YUMMY!!!

We need at least 12 participants for Round 3 so those interested to take part must reply to this post via comments or email to A person who withdraws after 11th July shall be charged RM30 if no replacement is found so the event can can proceed.

Confirmation of Round 3 will be announced by 9th 11th July.

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  2. So far only four are going; Lionel Tan, YF Yin, WK Choo and yours truly.

    Please confirm by 11 July by July 11. Competition will be cancelled if less than 12 people respond by that date. There will be no further reminder.

    • wkchoo says:

      Mr.SF Lim confirmed joining the competition. I posted this on his behalf after he sorted out the login matter with

    • yfyin says:

      Dear Johan, for my boat, I have a confirmation of 4 person :myself, Choo, Calvin & Chin from P1. Thanks.

      • So far only seven, including Lionel. Still 5 short of the target. There is a real chance the competition and the series will be cancelled if the response is poor. The number of competitors for the past two competitions is a waste of my time, quite frankly.

      • wkchoo says:

        Johann, understand the frustration but at least we tried!!. Appreciate very much the effort and for me I’ll just continue to make this place livelier maybe not to others but for myself and family. Kudos to u !!!!

    • yfyin says:

      My opinion is : 7 people is good enough a group to organise any fishing events, from my frequent visits to the jetty , these are the few keen anglers that we have in Glenmarie Cove, the other keen anglers are Daren, Yap , Choon, Tony , Eddie and Eric . Yap and Choon can’t make it due to their jobs.
      There are also some keen coastal anglers like :Mhd Noor , Shah, Raja and Tanah but they might not be keen to go offshore fishing.
      So!, other then the above, I personally don’t expect a non-angler to suddenly read about this competition and immediately go buy a fishing rod and reel to join us in a fishing trip.
      For somebody to enjoy this hobby, it takes time and personal experiences of reeling in a fish before you become hard-core, so, a person who has no fishing gear or has not caught any good size fish before will not understand the joy of fishing.
      Johann! you are not alone, at least there are 6 others backing you in this competition, for keen anglers , the main issue is fishing and no so much on the turn out, we will meet you at the fish farm this coming Sunday, in-fact, we keen anglers are already there on Saturday because one day fishing is not enough for us. Our urge can only be satisfied by 2 or 3 days continuous fishing.
      For those who thought that water taxis are available any time to fetch them when they are free will be disappointed as any offshore fishing trips need planning at least a week before and can’t be done in the last minute.

      • Gary Geh says:

        Even if there isn’t enough competitors, you guys can still go offshore to fish.

        An idea to increase the interested for this offshore session, is probably to have one boat, a fairly large one and have the ladies or other non-anglers wait there with a BBQ pit to BBQ your catch and makan together, offcourse with other food.

        With something to do for partners and other halves, maybe some not-so-addicted anglers would join as it now becomes an event the whole family can enjoy.

  3. wkchoo says:

    What is the fees for this round? It should cover the petrol cost of the boat owners too. Since this is an offshore fishing, we shall not limit the rod. What u think?

    • yfyin says:

      I agreed with Choo, as long as it is not caught by netting, any method of rods fishing will do. The weight counts, maybe we should have special prize for fish weighing 10kg and above to make it more interesting.

    • I have discussed with YIn and we agreed that a price of RM50 for petrol plus the usual competition fee of RM10 is fair, for the love of this community.

      The boats are not large so the one-rod policy will have to stay. If you want to bring another rod as spare, that is okay of course. If you want to use the spare rod, which I strongly discourage, you may do so but catches with that rod will not be counted and must be surrendered to the competition referee.

  4. Gary Geh says:

    Ketam waters abundant with fish… groupers, snappers, sting rays, etc…? I wonder why hmmm… can’t be the byproduct of human consumption… surely not… hehehe.

    On an entirely different topic and apologies for hijacking this thread, do we have or hear of any dengue cases in our taman?

    • yfyin says:

      Dengue cases are on the rise in the whole Nation, simply because there are fewer rainy days for the past few months, a lot of stagnant waters in the drainage / construction sites /plantations / rubbish dumps and so on., perfect conditions for breading mosquitoes.
      When stagnant waters are not flush away by rains , they are ideal for breeding Mosquitoes.
      I also heard that most dengue carriers are foreign workers , places with many foreign workers will have higher chances of dengue bites. Best to keep all windows and doors close.

  5. darenong says:

    Seriously, I have faith along our Sungai Langat. 1 day imma prove to y’all !!!!! hehe

  6. yfyin says:

    The number of competitors to fit the limited boats’ space are not very big, those who are interested must act quick,first come first get basis, there are big potential to catch Groupers and Red snappers in Ketam waters which are the best eating fish in Malaysia.

    • yfyin says:

      My opinion: Numbers who take part should not deter us from this offshore event, important thing is , those who take part must be keen, willing to explore the big ones out there.

  7. wkchoo says:

    Yes, please count me in. Are resident’s guest allow to participate in this offshore event?

  8. boyscout2b says:

    Congrats SF Lim! I think this is testimony that the fishstock in this stretch of river is (almost) depleted!

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