June Fishing Competition: Reminder

This is to remind GC anglers that the June competition will be held this Sunday, 17th from 7:30 am till 11:30 am.

Will the boat owners please remove their boats, engines willing, from the jetty during this period? Your coöperation shall be greatly appreciated.

Live bait may be available for sale at RM1 per piece if there are volunteers to catch the bait at dawn or the night before. Net proceeds from the sale will be added to the cash prize pool.

Looking ahead to July, it is highly likely that the competition will be held offshore on members’ boats. In addition to the RM10  competition fee, those taking part will share the cost of petrol. Not to worry, cheap cheap lah. Location is likely the islands Angsa and Ketam and even the sea-lane at Pintu Gedung. It could be a 6-8 hours because of the time needed to get to these places! BYO food and beer. Obviously, participants in June will have priority to go on to the boats in July.

Sharpen your hooks, good luck and happy fishing.

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