New Access System

Below are the minutes of the meeting held to discuss the implementation of the new access system.  As recommended previously, there will be a two-week review process by residents. Let us have your feedback over this period.

Minutes of the Glenmarie Cove Residents’ & Owners’ Association (GCROA)

Held at Sri Santai on 6th June 2012 10.00 am


GCROA                                      Glenmarie Cove                              

Santok Singh                                    Balachandran

Jeff Harris                                         Gunasegaran

Albert Mok

Nicky Teh
The meeting was called by GCD to familiarise GCROA with the operation of the new Security Barrier and a demonstration was carried out at the Boat Security Gate. Guna stated that the access card is designed to work in fairly close proximity to the new reader but could operate from up to a metre away. A number of tests were carried out. Firstly, Santok drove up to the reader and demonstrated that, with the car window down, it was easy to wave the card and open the barrier. He then tried the test with the car window up.  In this case the car needed to be quite close to the reader for the barrier to open. We were told that this operation will depend on individual car windows and if they are tinted or not.

Guna informed the meeting that a number of security cameras will be placed around the gate and the images from them continuously recorded. One of these cameras will be close to the reader in order to capture an image of the driver.  Nicky Teh observed that if the car window is up as a driver approaches the gate, there are strong reflections in the window and the image on the new camera may not be good enough to identify the driver. For this reason it was agreed that residents will be requested to wind down their car window when using the new access card. Guna stated that a rain cover will be constructed in this area, suitable for guards to walk across to the second lane and high enough for trucks and fire vehicles to pass through.

Back at Sri Santai, a discussion took place on the Notice To All Residents that is about to be sent out, relating to the new access system. Friday 8th is the target date for leter distribution, with Monday 11th as the first day for collection of new cards.  Guna stated that the notice will be similar in form to the one that was sent out regarding car stickers, with certain conditions being the same. He stated that:

  • Residents with old barrier access devices should bring these along and that new access cards will be swapped one for one with no charge.
  • For bungalow residents without old devices, the first three new access cards will be free
  • For semi-D residents without old devices, the first two cards will be free
  • Additional new access cards will be charges at 50RM
  • Replacement of lost access cards will be charges at 50 RM

A discussion took place on limiting the total number of access cards allowed to any one household. Various opinions were expressed by GCROA members present. Finally it was proposed that the following statement be included in the notice:

Households will be limited to a maximum of 6 access cards, unless the owner can demonstrate that he has adequate parking space for more than six cars within the boundaries of his property.

Albert Mok stated that CGD should enforce the rule that cars must not be parked haphazardly or so they are blocking other resident’s property.

Guna stated that the barrier system includes a back up battery that will take over in the case of power failure. He also informed the meeting that, as soon as the new system is put into operation, residents will be informed that if they do not have a new access card they will have to use the visitors lane for entrance. In this case they should identify themselves as a resident to be allowed access.

Bala asked when GCRO reps were available to jointly meet JKR regarding road humps. Santok stated that this meeting should proceed as soon as possible this week. Guna stated that he will try and arrange the meeting for 7th or 8th June.

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7 Responses to New Access System

  1. calvindb2 says:

    Where are we on the SOP thingy??? Sorry I’ve lost track of it.

    • GCD should be sending their sort of final inputs today so we can have one final round of review. Yeah, it has taken some time to get to where we are but at least it is moving. But there is no question that by now we should know whether we are boy or girl. The document is one thing but the execution is quite another. The question really is whether the present guard company is up to the task.

  2. Tan JaiMe says:

    It’s already the 19th. Is the new access system working or not?

  3. Gary Geh says:

    Still think visitors lane should be on the right.

    The winding down of window procedure is ideal but not realistic.

    Asking guards to pay attention and recognize the driver and if the driver looks suspicious, to take immediate action or even investigate the video feed. Can be done by our simple minded guards and their supervisors?

    Residents would be aware that they shd wind down. But will the intruder do that? Nobody informed him of the rule when using the card.

    • How does the non-resident have a card? The most likely answer is a resident must have provided the card, if someone in GCD did not. Or a hilarious situation where the intruder had stolen a resident’s car, finds the resident’s address in the car and is now using the card to check if he can carry away the kitchen sink. Don’t laugh because crooks get caught for doIng the dumbest things, which probably explains why jails are never large enough.

      Let us hope that residents will not abuse the system, like providing the card to renovation ontractors so they can enter and exit without the hassle of having to register. There should be a House Rule aimed at barring the cards of residents for a time if the are found to have compromised the security of fellow residents but, how do you catch the culprit?

      Whether the system has captured a clear picture of a resident or not is moot because security has not been compromised. This applies to 99.9% of users. So GCD will be taking pictures of whoever passes the gate, 99.9% of the time a redundant thing. It is a record nonetheless and it sounds good to tell your friends we have a sophisticated system. Might even thwart a robber or two in the process if the baddies come to hear GC is so ‘well protected or guarded’.

      You have hit the nail on the head. How do you get the Mr. In Truder to show his face? There will be some who must roll down the window because of a ‘technical difficulty’ (read windows with a heavy tint) and there will be many who do not need to and won’t. With a high turnover of guards and the usual automatons that we now have, to expect them to exercise their judgement and look out for suspicious persons is a stretch. Let’s be frank, even GCD executives cannot think of a better solution than the expedient routine of removing a guard caught sleeping.

      So how do we get Mr. In Truder using an access card that belongs to someone else other than requiring everyone to roll the car window down? That’s right, a 99.9% redundancy to catch that 0.1%! Is this what the residents want? If yes, it would probably require some form of impediment to detain those who do not wind down. And what happens when In Truder is caught on camera? Absolutely nothing. He or she sails through because the boom pops up and there is no tell tale sign unless there is an exceptionally gifted guard.

      Let’s be clear. We do not have a preventive system. All we have is a card replacing the push button. It runs on the basis that the cardholder is a genuine resident. Only when something happens one fine day and upon review we find In Truder using an access card that belongs to a resident. it proves the resident needs a slap on his wrist. it does not prove In Truder kidnapped your dog.

      Still want a clear picture of yourself every time you return. to GC?

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