Time to clap?

In a comment that I made in response to the questions raised by complainant Arvin Menon, I mentioned that the Committee would meet on the 24th instant to discuss the status of matters raised at the AGM and I will publish the minutes via the blog so members and non-members know where we at, exactly two months after the AGM.

The meeting was attended by eight (out of eleven) Committee Members and, by invitation, three of the Street Representatives.

There are only two matters of concern so I will jump right ahead and give a run down of these points ahead of the minutes.

  1. Installation of a fully operational security barrier system acceptable to the owners

Throughout the past two months, no effort was made by GCD to brief the Committee on the implementation and details of the new barrier system. Remember that this was a point of disatisfaction even before the AGM which led to the wordings as above. GCD’s refusal to cooperate means that the Committee is unable at this juncture to state whether the new barrier system will be acceptable to the owners. We are not talking about whether the boom will pop-up when the user flashes the card at the reader – that is a given – but whether the entire entry system and operations is efficient for the purpose of all categories of users.

If you look at the picture of the reader, above circled, residents will enter via the right hand side (RHS) lane. This would be fine if the recommendation made by GCROA’s security liaison was adopted, whereby the resident is required to wind down the window so that the guard is able to match the face of the resident with the photo stored in the system. There are of course pros and cons with the recommended system but if that is not to be the case, a few of the Committee members suggested last week to Mr. Balachandran that visitors should enter via the RHS lane, as in most other gated and guarded communities we have been to.

As an example, at Challis Damansara, the visitor drives right up to the barrier where upon winding down the window the visitor is almost eyeballing the guard. The visitor announces the house number and the guard will immediately call the resident for permission. Upon clearance, the guard will hand the visitor a placard in exchange for the visitor’s MyKad or driving licence. The whole process can be completed within a minute, most times.

Now, to be frank, nothing mentioned above causes the residents any inconvenience since we enter with the card (when we pay the overdue charges!) but it exemplifies how frustrating it is to deal with people who believe only they know best.

The Committee unanimously agreed that the GCROA shall notify GCD whether the overall system they have installed is acceptable to the owners two (2) weeks after the system is put into use.

In the meantime, the GCROA Secretary will notify GCD that until the residents are issued with the new access cards, they will enter and exit without any hindrance by the use of the new car stickers residents have been issued with. In this regard, residents who have obtained their car stickers have provided GCD recently with copies of their S&P and the Deed of Mutual Covenants to prove their ownership of a property in GC before they were issued with the car stickers. No other demand or attempt to impede bonafide owners by other means will be tolerated.

2.  Commencement of installation of traffic lights at the Jalan Telok Gong entrance pursuant to the letter dated 13th January, 2012 from Jabatan Kerja Raya, Daerah Klang to GCD

The GCROA secretary affirmed that the following statement is a fair representation of the view of Mr. Ben Yeoh of GCD:

“Traffic lights were agreed between JKR and GCD at the start of the project, 8 – 9 years ago, along with other road improvements. The required deposit was paid by GCD.  More recently, a major road improvement scheme for Jalan Telok Gong was announced. The proposed traffic lights are not consistent with the provisions of this road improvement plan, according to the information that GCD has received, therefore GCD do not plan to install them. Ben suggests going for the speed humps as a fast fix for the traffic problem.”

Let me remind readers the whole saga started with a signature campaign in January 2012 for speed humps on Jln Telok Gong. In early March the case went on to JKR and it was there we discovered about terms and conditions for traffic lights set by JKR years ago. On 15 March, 2012 JKR wrote to GCD (letter copied to GCD) on the request for speed humps and, in essence, advised GCD to address the safety concern with traffic lights.

Yes, we are satisfied with speed humps and that’s how we began but there is nothing we can do as it is entirely between JKR and GCD. If the COO of GCD feels that the provision  of traffic lights are not consistent with the road improvement plan for Jalan Telok Gong, he is the person to convince the District Chief of JKR on the matter. Well, what has GCD been doing over the past 60 days in respect of this issue?

As it is felt that many owners continue to regard this an important safety issue, therefore, the Committee unanimously agreed that GCD should resolve the issue with JKR within two weeks (I suppose by June 15, 2012) and inform GCROA of the outcome. Further, if speed humps are again denied by JKR, what will be the solution?

Finally, it was noted that the issue of requiring GCD to delcare the intention about those amenities that were proudly published in their previous sales brochures and on their websites,  has not been addressed. For the sake of owners who believe this is an important issue, the GCROA Secretary was asked to obtain the information. However this should not cause any delay to the eventual go ahead for resuming  payment to GCD for the security and maintenance charges.

I urge owners who read this blog to state your personal view(s) on the above issues so the committee is better able to represent you. You may email your comments to info.gcroa@gmail.com if that is the way you prefer. Should residents leave GCD to install the speed humps or traffic lights only when they want to?

By the way, we ran out of time to discuss the need for a sinking fund to help this committee deal with the costs of maintaining this place when the residents take over the running of this community one fine day. The next time, perhaps.

Well then, back to the question whether it is time to clap. Personally, my hands are getting closer but there is still daylight in between.

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14 Responses to Time to clap?

  1. Daren Ong says:

    yfyin said “If traffic lights are not installed now, humps are the least required before a serious accident occurs.”

    Can I make a signboard and place it somewhere near the entrance with those words ??? Geez, with all the millions of ringgits paid we can’t get simple security for our lives …. something wrong with GCD management’s head ?

  2. lionelsharon says:

    Naturally traffic lights! It is a more permanent solution besides being more logical. The humps are destroying our vehicles before their time as attested by automotive experts and automobile enthusiasts. If you are a regular user of the main Pandamaran road, you would have noticed the antics some drivers go to just to avoid the humps!

    • Very well said! Motor bikers are usually the first to avoid the humps by going to the side and then “WHAM”.

      As a quick fix though, residents should accept the speed humps and hope eventually the lights will come with the major upgrade on Jalan Telok Gong. When that will happen only god will know. The problem is JKR has gone on paper to kind of ‘reject’ the speed humps vide their letter of 15 March, 2012. I say ‘reject’ because in the last paragraph of that letter, the department in essence told GCD to deal with the lights. This is why we want GCD to resolve this with JKR. It shouldn’t take more than 2 weeks For GCD to set up a meeting with JKR to hear the word ‘NO’ one more time or ‘YES’ if they manage to convince the department. I don’t think JKR is a stubborn ass, to be honest. The issue requires leadership on the part of GCD. Hence my question what have they done during the past 10 weeks since receipt of that letter knowing there is a legitimate safety issue in play?

      Hence I appeal to all our members not to let this issue go unresolved before we lift the moratorium on payment. It has been argued that GCD seems to have done quite a lot since the AGM. Well, yes. The clubhouse ground has shown some activity and the long overdue replacement of the new access system is almost complete. The bare patches are still around and the ramp is still crooked. Security guards are still confused for I had just witnessed a visitor (right in front of my car) at the barrier talking to a young guard for almost a half minute and was then handed a visitor’s placard. He did not get down to register nor did he hand over anything in exchange for the placard. There you go. By the way, it just took a day to install the readers for the new access cards. The rest of the time was spent waiting for approvals, I’d guess. GCD has simply been doing things they should have done but dilly-dallied for so darn long that resulted in the moratorium. So, in respect of the traffic lights – speed humps issue, I urge residents to consider whether we should reward GCD for inaction over the past 10 weeks by lifting the payment moratorium.

      To pay or not to pay, that is the question.

  3. Gary Geh says:

    Go to the tribunal and then get more than just the value of the CN. In fact go individually and have Ben appear before the same judge several times. When Glenmarie Cove Development has many tribunal cases in record then hopefully DRB HICOM will take some action.

  4. Gary Geh says:

    We used to have perimeter infrared sensors along our river bank which would detect intruders crossing the border. What would happen when a person crosses the infrared sensor is that spotlights at that section, which was crossed, would come on and shine on the intruder. Then the CCTV (eye in the sky) would turn to that location and the image would appear at the guard house control centre.

    We have had this for years until the new management took over. Ben’s is not in favour of reinstating this system out of concern for the residents. His fear is that we would have to bear the high cost of repair.

    It is highly contradictory that this concern was not shown in the plans to reinstate the security barrier system. The thoughfulness has somehow disappeared when GCD decided to make the right lane a residents lane when clearly, we (the residents) want it to be on the left lane and have the visitors go through the right lane.

    There is also a lack of concern for the residents when GCD decided not to have traffic lights when JKR instructed them to install traffic lights for the safety of the people. Who is the expert here on road safety? JKR or Glenmarie Cove Development?

    What happen to the concern so clearly and loudly protrayed by previously?

    It is such a DISGRACE that this is a DRB HICOM project!!

  5. arvinmenon says:

    Johann, glad to see that you had the meeting as promised to highlight the issues being faced by the residents. On the installation of the new access system, I’m glad to see that there is some progress in it but it’s more of a quick fix than a long term solution. The resident’s should always access from left and the visitors from right. Practically all the guarded residential areas are using this method. GDC wants to be different than the rest since they have a very “capable” leader who knows nothing most of time.

    As for the installation of the traffic lights at the exit of GC, I strongly agree that we should go with the traffic light. The speed hump might be a quick fix but I don’t see that will be slowing any vehicles down and there could be potential problem I foresee if wrongly implemented.
    Knowing Ben, you can’t get this out of him easily. We have to stick together to get this resolved for once and for all. We need to do this as a team. Let me know how I can help so that we can start living a Resort Home that was sold to us.

  6. wkchoo says:

    1. Our beloved GCD the “bright one” should explain to us the “no so bright ones” the rational of using the the right lane for residents. My youngest daughter just posed me the similar question as Janice, ” what happen if there are many cars furthermore it’s dangerous and slow down both residents and visitors?”. Why? I tell her I’ll try to get the answer from the “bright one” and i personally cannot understand the logic. Please enlighten us!
    2. Not consistent with road improvement plan???? Whose and when is road improvement plan? According to the bright one again! Fast fix my foot….show some urgency and care and we will work together to get something done and not just “cakap kosong and syok sendiri”. If speed hum can be implemented, I’m still ok. IF not….then go back to the original requirement of traffic light. We cannot relax on this..period.
    3. Anyone notice that there are no progress on the club house for more than 2 weeks?? Started with some marking, fencing up the area, some digging (mainly trees”) and….stop since. Hmm ..another shoooow. Hope I’m wrong.

    • yfyin says:

      Simple logic is , visitors’ parking lanes whether going in or out are only available directly in front of the boat guard house, not only that it is not practical , it would also be a very hazardous situation for owners to avoid pedestrians crossing from the left lane to the boat house since owners may drive in smoother.

      I totally agreed with you on the club house building work progress , if GCD is sincere, the whole club house can be completed within 6 months and not 2 years with all kinds of dilly-dallies reasons.

      If traffic lights are not installed now, humps are the least required before a serious accident occurs. GCD should seriously look into a Life lost is to be avoided before it happened.

  7. In my opinion, residents should go in using left lane once “touch n go” card issued, and visitors should follow right lane (closer to guardhouse) so that can be inspected for clearance. Once many visitors q-ing up, visitors’ car can be parked at the designated area then walk to guardhouse for registration.
    Once security and exit issues (either speed bump or traffic light) been resolved, I agreed that we should make payment for the overdue maintainance & security charges.

  8. ichtus17 says:

    Agreed that residents should go in by the left lane whilst visitors are attended to on the left lane. Whether we use the card reader or touch n go is immaterial so long as it works, how much they cost….. and more importantly, how the issuance of these cards are being controlled..eg. what if a resident demands 7 cards ’cause he has 7 cars?

    On the issue of bumps and traffic lights, this is no small matter and cannot be delayed anymore. In case of an accident (which is waiting to happen daily!!!), is GCD legally liable, as they seem not to have complied with JKR’s conditions of appeoval?.

    • Did you mean visitors should be attended to on right lane in the first sentence? Too much grog?

      Your last answer should be dealt with by a trained lawyer. The vehicle is covered unless the policy is for third party only or the vehicle owner has forgotten to renew the policy. The vehicle is not important but life and limbs are. There is enough discussion in the public domain on this issue, GCD is aware of the danger and the GCROA has taken the trouble on behalf of the residents to get both JKR and GCD to alleviate the danger.

      JKR has already issued their conditions and are naturally in CYA mode. Requires a brave judge to rule that GCD has no case to answer. But this is only my two sen.

  9. boyscout2b says:

    The traffic lights are definitely needed (despite what that CEO thinks). I’m hoping GCROA will be able to press JKR to pressure GCD to act sooner and not allow GCD to blow us off. Maybe a letter to highlight the residents’ woes should be sent to the entire Board of Directors of DRBHicom (and copy to the CEO)? In the meantime, any chance of getting the security guard or Rela (part of their duties, right?) to hold “Stop” sign to manage the traffic during rush hour?

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