Happy with the security sevices?

I don’t know anyone who is; that is why I ask.

But I know of at least one resident who is not happy and he is so mad that he has lodged a complaint. Arvin Menon’s well documented letter can be read at the link below, with his permission:

Arvin’s Complaint

Have a good read. laugh. cry.

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17 Responses to Happy with the security sevices?

  1. arvinmenon says:

    Ok guys. Since my last complaint nothing has changed drastically. I’ve received an official reply from GDC by Mr Raj. Usual reply as usual. I will send the reply to Johann to be posted here. Oh, they reminded me to pay my maintenance fees for the period of April – June 2012.

    Today as I was leaving to Singapore at 4:55 am, the guard at the first post was fast asleep. He couldn’t even hear the sound of my car engine. I’ve taken a photo of him sleeping and will send it to Johann to be posted here as well.

    I will also lodge another official complaint tomorrow on this. Nothing is going to change and will change as long Ben Yeoh is with GDC because he simply don’t care. All he cares is to sell as many houses at precinct 2,3 & 4.

    • You are not alone!

      Barely a week ago another resident, Mr. A K Lee, took these pictures:



      barrier up

      A few weeks ago a few Committee members met with Messrs Balachandran and K. Selvaraj to review the draft SOP for Security and I pointed to the blank section that was intended to be filled by GCD for the system of rotation of the guards. This and other measures are intended to help keep the guards awake. To my great surprise, Mr. Selvaraj mentioned there is no need for rotation of the guards. My question whether this was because guards are no longer sleeping on the job evoked, predictably, a good laugh from everyone.

      I have written to Mr. Balanchandran and it is good to know that a policy of rotating the guards will be back on the table once again. His reply was: Agreed the rotation is only way to prevent them from sleeping and some other activities like main post contacting guards via walkie talkies on hourly basis requesting status.

      Let’s be patient because Mr. Balanchandran means well but pity him because he does not have good material to work with below and above him. We should all remember that the fish rots from the head.

    • boyscout2b says:

      I think it is high time we insist that supervisors from the security company take responsibility to make periodic rounds (esp at 4-5am) to check on their own guards.

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  3. darenong says:

    I should change my car to BMW and install a very loud horn … them bars don’t raise until I stop right in front … geez … I’m the one that actually insisted we move here instead of Ambang Botanic .. to the question posted in title. YES before we moved in in January, NO after they change them security ppl. You can’t teach new dog old trick ? Or was that the other way around .. hmm..

  4. wkchoo says:

    I think it’s a “tic tac games/cat’s games” by GCD. Since you all did not pay the security and maintenance fees then don’t expect any service from us!!!! They just wanted to see how long we can stand….”Game on” as Arvin said.

    • arvinmenon says:

      Wkchoo, I’ve paid my maintenance fees up to date beginning of this year. I’m just fed up GDC is resorting to cheap service offered by this security company rather than concerned about the safety of the resident. I also would like to stress that they have a full time guard sitting at the Sri Santai car park guarding the staff’s car during office hours. Have anyone noticed this ? Why ? Is it not safe for the staff to park the car there ?

      I will continue to lodge complaints till I get an answer from the management. They cannot come and tell me I have no rights or whatsoever since I’ve paid my maintenance fees without fail all these while.

      • Arvin, I’d hate to see young men go bald. Therefore let me share with you some information we have received to the three questions you have asked. The Committee is meeting tomorrow (24th May) to discus the status of the issues raised at the AGM and the responses the GCROA secretary has received thus far from the Chief Operating Officer. There are issues still and the minutes of the committee meeting will be posted so everyone knows where we are at exactly 2 months after the AGM (24th March). Try spotting the issues in the comments that follow.

        Q1: When will the CCTV be operational?

        The Security Barrier Contractor has been requested to quote for a camera system for the main gatehouse. This work will follow on from the barrier installation. GCD is still assessing CCTV/Infrared Detection on the river front, but currently takes the view that regular security patrols in that area are a better option, due to the high installation and regular repair costs of that equipment. Residents will have to take over these hardware systems one day and deal with these significant costs.

        Q2: Status of the access card system

        Work was supposed to have commenced on 15th May, but nothing seems to have happened. Over the past 2 months, GCD has not briefed the GCROA on what the system would look like, but we made some suggestions last week while reviewing the draft Standard Operating Procedures for Security with Messrs Balachandran and Selvaraj. I am not sure if the delay in the start is due to these suggestions. Overall, we will wait and see whether the system is acceptable to the owners, a yardstick indicated in GCROA’s letter on 30th March, 2012.

        Q3. Is there any plan to change the security guards?

        Our understanding is that they are looking into a possible change. I have made the recommendation that GCD should take this opportunity to remove unnecessary layers in the chain of responsibility as what is in place now does not seem to work satisfactorily. GCD had accepted this and we were informed they will deal directly with the new company that provides the security guards. Mind you, change means having to boot out a sister company and that could be a hard thing to do.

        Please be patient and wait for the minutes of the Committee meeting.

  5. arvinmenon says:

    Nothing has changed since my complaint to GDC Maintenance office. As i was entering the second guard post around 8:45 pm today, there was a Green CRV in front of me. The security guard immediately opened the boom gate without any verification. The car stopped and told something, and immediately the guard closed the boom gate. The person in the CRV was actually a visitor. If the visitor didn’t ask any question on how to get to the house he wanted to visit, he would have easily accessed into GC Precint 1 / 2 without any problem.

    I stopped my car and asked the guard what was going on. Asked if he can see since he looked so lost. He can’t even speak properly… I fear for us.. What can we do guys.. Complaining to GDC is not going to help… If we keep quiet on this issue nothing is going to happen…

  6. arvinmenon says:

    It’s 7pm and I’ve not got any call from GC. I believe they are investigating the “allegations” by me. It will take atleast 1 week before anyone can comment on this. They might go on defensive mode as well. I’m all out to get the security problem sorted out if it means I need to camp every night to take spy shots of the sleeping guards
    One thing for sure, they would have marked me and they will go all out to make my life hell. I’m READY but are They ??? Game ON !!!!

  7. Gary Geh says:

    This is not a new complaint and this is the very reason why we had a demonstration at our last AGM. The deterioration of security started when management changed. Probably a new direction from the management. Based on the outcome of our last AGM, we decided not to pay our fees until these issues get sorted. I hope everyone reads Arvin’s letter and follow.

  8. To add to my brother’s comments….my friend who drives a white BMW 5-series who by the way is not a resident of GC came all the way into Precint 1 to fetch my hubby and drove up to Precint 2 to fetch another friend of us and left GC without showing any ID or registering at d guard house. He did not register as the guards opened up the barrier when his car was meters away. He told me that he thought that the system for registration was not functioning as they did not stop him, furthermore they opened up the residents access. After a short makan trip, the same car came into both prencints to send my hubby and the other friend and again was not stopped by anyone. This was witnessed by my husband. I immediately called Razali….and the response i got “WHAT??…IS IT??? OK OK I CHECK AND LET U KNOW”. I asked Razali will your guys allow anyone who drives a Beemer…or any expensive cars? And how in the hell the guards allow them to access both prencints without visitor tag? Till todate i have not got any reply from him on this matter, maybe becoz the complaint was made through a phone call? I have also made written complaints on other matters but not even once i received a formal reply. Just another case of our GC residents complaints falling into deaf ears. Oh somehow, my car which has the GC sticker and the tag stopped by the guards every other day to confirm if we are really residents. Maybe because it’s a Black 4-wheel which is more likely driven by thugs and criminals???

  9. shirleepoel says:

    To write or not to write les i shoot myself in the foot…..I have never ever received any calls for visitors but i have kept mum about it as I don’t see how they will ever check and improve on this…I guess it is just not myself but other residents as well … I guess that is why you don’t hear anything about it. My only concern is that whoever comes in are registered (which i am sure they are) so this is already a small blessing.

    • One of the issues inadvertently created is that if there is a house rule stating that the resident must be responsible for the actions of his visitors (which includes contractors) and something does happen (say an unverified contractor damages a pillar or something in your car porch), the resident could deny responsibility on the ground that he/she never said it was okay for the contractor to be admitted even though the contractor was registered. Playing dumb is easy to do.

      Good luck if you want to claim from the contractor. Perhaps you can claim against GCD as well for failing to undertake a security procedure that led to your damaged porch. Ha ha. What fun it is to live in GC.

  10. boyscout2b says:

    I can confirm that (1) the guard has stopped calling in to notify me of guest/vendor (2) the guard sleeping (at least twice) at the 1st entrance gate when I send my daughter to school around 6:30am. The 2nd time I honked to wake him up. Johann, were you serious when you said at the AGM that we can get paid if we send photo of guard sleeping? (3) some of the guards are Banglas (just ask them) (4) the guards do sometimes raise the bar prematurely esp when I honked (don’t know if they recognised me but I appreciate this as I need not slow down or stop at the bar) (5) yes, Johann, I do want to laugh (at GCD incompetence) and cry (for the rest of us).

    • I just thought it would be a good idea if the penalty goes to the resident for the effort to try to stem the inefficiency.

      The security company accepts a penalty system so GCD simply deducts the amount when they pay the security company. To be fair to the security company, any penalty should be based on good evidence, hence the pictures. Who takes the pictures for GCD? Mr. Selvaraj? Razali? You see them around at 4:00AM?

      So why should the penalty be enjoyed by GCD if residents are doing the job?

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