June 2012 Fishing Competition

We bow to the tides and times set by mother earth.

Accordingly, the June competition will be held on 17th June from 7:30AM to 11:30AM.

A limited number of guests shall be allowed. Also the catch and release yardstick shall be 7 inches.

Meanwhile take a look at these photos:

Proposed Kingfisher Trophy for Grand Champion. To be made of wood, metal or acrylic. Donors are welcome – RM100 to have your name permanently inscribed on the base. Minimum need RM300.

Another of Mohd Nor’s whoppers, this Jenahak weighing 3.2kg. Caught on May 20 around 6:00 AM at Senangin Pier. Mohd does not know P1 jetty is officialy closed for rebuild. Fish will be confiscated the next time.

Boat ramp at Laguna Park, off Pulau Indah highway. These folks  know a boat ramp is straightforward stuff.

Hope to see more residents join in the fun.

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12 Responses to June 2012 Fishing Competition

  1. Daren,

    We’ll get to know the cost soon enough. Meanwhile RM50 for initials is okay. RM75 for surname and initials, example “L T See” and RM100 for full name (SEE LAN TAU).

  2. Daren Ong says:

    I think Kingfisher Trophy for Grand Champion is nice … if it’s metal.

  3. wkchoo says:

    Congratulation Md Noor!! This is a mangrove jack and its a hell of a fighter. Very nice…

  4. Gary Geh says:

    If I’m a member and don’t join the competition, can my extended family, who is not living with me, join the competition in my place?

    Ofcourse, this person will pay the required competition fees.

    This will mean that I personally cannot join the competition. 

    • We can cater for a few guests-like up to five. So come early. The competition referee will decide when to close the guest allocation and his decision is final. With great power comes great responsibility – Uncle Ben in Spiderman movie or Voltaire.

      • Gary Geh says:

        Excellent! This would inadvertantly increase Glenmarie Cove’s popularity. What’s next? Glenmarie Cove Treasure Hunt? Walk-a hunt? Bike-a Hunt? Orienteering?

        • We can send a write-up of the competition to the “Property News” section of newspapers/magazines so people can see that we are a somewhat unique enclave despite the unsatisfactory management. I hope someone who can tell a good story will step up to offer his/her sevices, for free. Bit by bit, the value of properties in GC may increase.

    • Remote controlled power boat racing should be fun. Also bike run to Kuala Selangor, anywhere with great seafood. We need good organizers though.

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