BYOB Green Concept available in Klang

BYOB is a concept detergent store that promotes the 3R concept of Reuse, Recycle and Reduce.

BYOB’s mission is to educate society about the dangers of plastic pollution. The plastic bottle is a petroleum-based product which takes about 400 years to fully biodegrade.

Did you know that plastic bottles were only created a little over a century ago? This means every plastic bottle ever made ( if not incinerated) still exists somewhere today, probably in landfills or the bottom of the ocean.

Every household need detergents, be it for your floor, clothes, kitchen, stove and many more. Every time you buy your detergent from your nearest convenience store, you’re wasting money buying the plastic bottle or container that comes with it. The BYOB concept is you bring your used plastic bottles or containers to its refill stations and pay as low as RM1.50 per litre.

Go to BYOB Green Concept today and do your bit to save the environment and some money too! Click on the logo for the map and address of BYOB in Klang.

For a short history lesson on plastic bottles go to this link:

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  2. Mike Kik says:

    We also accept the extra plastic bottles that you have at your home so dont throw them away and contribute your trash to the landfills / oceans..

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