GC Fishing League – Update I

Just a reminder about the inaugral fishing competition: Sunday, 13th May, 2012 at the P2 jetty from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm.

Do catch or purchase your live bait ahead of time to impove your chances.

Meanwhile, here are the final rules:

Competition Rules:

  1. The competition is open to GCROA members only with a maximum of two (2) participants from each family. Until further notice, guests are not allowed.
  2. An entry fee of RM10 applies for adults while children under age 12 may take part for free. A ‘no assist’ rule will be strictly applied for participating children.
  3. Ten percent (10%) of the total entry fees received each month will be withheld for the purpose of the Grand Champion Prize at the end of the year. Incidental expenses incurred for the monthly competition will then deducted and the balance sum shall be paid out as cash prizes, adjudged by the total weight of fish caught, in the following way:

    First placing – 45% ; Second placing – 35% Third placing – 20%

  4. In the event any prize is not paid out for whatever reason, such sum shall be added to the prize pool for the following month’s competition.
  5. To be eligible for the Grand Champion Prize, a competitor must participate in at least four (4) monthly competitions.
  6. A competitor may bring any number of fishing rods to the competition but he is allowed to use only one rod at any time during the competition.
  7. A competitor may not start fishing before the official start time and he may join the competition after the official start time. All competitors must stop fishing by the official end time and report to the ‘weighing station’.
  8. Any fish less than 5 inches in length from the tip of its mouth to the farthest point of its tail fin will not be counted and shall be released. The weight of such a fish if presented for weighing at the end of the competition shall be deducted from the total weight of other qualifying fish. The competitor shall be provided with a ’5-inch ruler’ upon registration to assist him.
  9. The monthly competition will be presided over by a Competition Referee who may be any member of the GCROA appointed by the President. The decision of the Competition Referee is final in all cases.
  10. The competition shall be held at the jetty in Precinct 2 and along the river bank within sight of the Competition Referee and other competitors. All competitors must exercise due care when casting their lines so as not to injure persons nearby.
  11. The GCROA shall not be held responsible for any injury to any competitor howsoever caused nor any loss or damage to any equipment belonging to any competitor.

Good luck!

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