Let there be lights …. Update II

The previous Update I ended with the following statement:

“Now that JKR has officially copied the letter to the GCROA, I suppose there is no harm asking JKR to clarify what the consequences will be if GCD fails to meet the above conditions, which date back to 2002! If there is no time frame, what are the use of the conditions?”

I have written to JKR Daerah Klang earlier in the week. The Bahasa version of the letter that was despatched can be downloaded from the box.net widget under the file name: GCROA-JKR_2_BM. I will post the reply when we get it.

We do not know whether GCD has responded to JKR’s letter that was the subject of Update I.  In any case, we should keep prodding at this issue because, let’s be honest, there is a divergence in priority between the residents and the developer.

The English text is provided below:

On behalf of the Glenmarie cove Residents and Owners Association, I would like to thank you for extending a copy of the above letter to us.

We are now aware of the conditions imposed on the developer in respect of the roads and drainage as long ago as September 2003. This speaks so well of the professionalism in Jabatan Kerja Raya. It is an exemplary display of transparency in matters which affects the lives of the residents in an affected community.

We wish to comment on our understanding that there is no deadline on the conditions imposed by JKR on GCD almost 10 years ago. It would also appear that the developer may not have paid the security deposit of RM50,000 which should be due. Without a deadline, the developer may be inclined to wait as long as possible to carry out the imposed conditions.

Glenmarie Cove will have a total of four precincts and after 10 years, Precinct 2 has yet to be fully developed. During this period, the interior of Teluk Gong has undergone huge industrial growth. It is therefore not acceptable that the developer should be allowed to delay undertaking the requirements simply because the project is only half complete. The number of residents in Glenmarie Cove has no bearing on the traffic that we are in fear of. We have to risk our lives and limbs every day as we manage the heavy traffic and the massive and fast moving commercial vehicles on Jalan Telok Gong.

Therefore, we humbly request JKR to look into ways that could compel the developer to give this matter their urgent attention to fulfilling the conditions on Jalan Teluk Gong. Finally, what are the consequences if the developer continues to ignore the conditions imposed?

We thank you for your kind attention.

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