GC Fishing League

The GCROA is pleased to announce a Fishing League for its Members.

The objective of this League is to promote fishing and foster goodwill and fellowship among the GCROA members and to live up to Riverfront Resort Living in Glenmarie Cove.

The GCFL is a series of monthly fishing competitions and the inaugural event will be held on Sunday, 13th May, 2012 at the P2 jetty from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm. It shall be held on a Sunday when the tides are most suitable. Ample notice shall be given.

Competition Rules:

  1. The competition is open to GCROA members only with a maximum of two (2) participants from each family. Guests are not allowed.
  2. An entry fee of RM10 apllies for adults while children under age 12  may take part for free. A ‘no assist’ rule will be strictly applied for participating children.
  3. Ten percent (10%) of the total entry fees received each month will be withheld for the purpose of the Grand Champion Prize at the end of the year. Incidental expenses incurred for the monthly competition will then deducted and the balance sum shall be paid out as cash prizes, adjudged by the total weight of fish caught, in the following way:

    First placing – 45%       &nsp;       Second placing – 35%               Third placing – 20%

  4.  A competitor may bring any number of fishing rods to the competition but he is allowed to use only one rod at any time during the competition.
  5. A competitor may not start fishing before the official start time and he may join the competition after the official start time. All competitors must stop fishing by the official end time and report at the ‘weighing station’.
  6. Any fish less than 5 inches in length from the tip of its mouth to the farthest point of its tail fin will not be counted and should be released. The weight of such a fish if presented for weighing at the end of the competition  shall be deducted from the total weight of other qualifying fish.  The competitor  shall be provided with a ‘5-inch ruler’ upon registration to assist him.
  7. The monthly competition will be presided over by a Competition Referee who may be any member of the GCROA appointed by the President. The decision of the Competition Referee is final in all cases.
  8. The competition shall be held at the jetty in Precinct 2 and along the river bank within sight of the Competition Referee an other competitors. All competitors must exercise due care when casting their lines so as not to injure persons nearby.
  9.  The GCROA shall not be held responsible for any injury to any competitor howsoever caused nor any loss or damage to any equipment belonging to any competitor.

The results of each month’s competition will be posted on this blog and the league table showing the accumulated ‘year-to-date’ weight for every competitor can be downloaded from the box.net widget.

These rules may be subjected to change over the course of the next two weeks.  So let’s have your suggestion(s) to make it fairer and more interesting.

By the way, the GCROA can prepare the fire at the nearby BBQ pit so anyone who wishes to cook the fish immediately after the competition may do so. Grilled or salt-baked fish over charcoal should be quite yummy. Other family members can join in. Bring along other dishes to supplement the fish.

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22 Responses to GC Fishing League

  1. shirleepoel says:

    Ahem…i can see two people contending for the trophy… Mohd Nor and Choo…..everyone’s catching ikan bilis (probably me too) while both of them seem to be hauling in big mamas. Good luck!

  2. Daren Ong says:

    This is exciting even when I read and skipped some paragraphs … haa … nicely done ppl. Thumbs up ! I want to donate for the trophy … i think it should be something worthy for a display (that doesn’t break easy)…and maybe a monthly trophy bcoz 1 year is a loooong wait … just thinking out loud .. buzz me for the donation Mr Choo !

  3. shirleepoel says:

    Sorry..oops okay,competition starts on 13.5.noted…sorry sorry

    • Yes, you may indeed bring your guests to fish. An owner in P2 brings about a dozen of his workers, friends and relatives to fish at the jetty and they park their cars right at the junction of JDB/JDB5. The management should be fully aware of this. One resident told me he does not see visitor’s placards on the dashboard of these cars. I suppose special arrangements can be made to facilate a ‘hassle-free’ approach if one has enough clout ot instill enough fear.

      So bring as many guests as you like before the recommended house rule for limiting the number of guests a resident is allowed to bring to the jetty or any facility. We’ll see if the security personnel will have the guts and means to enforce the rule, if established.

      So, should we limit the number of guests or should we allow the jetty to be a free for all? You folks better decide.

      • shirleepoel says:

        Yes, you can impose a limit to the number of guests which a member may bring, as one sees fit. .I have 5 brothers but i don’t intend (and have never taken ) to take all of them in at one go ( aiyo, i have enough conscience for that, thank you.) Just to clear some air, whether an explanation is warranted..i give it anyway…, at the time when the jetty 1 was not damaged, I used to pop my bros there with my car and they always walk back. I wouldn’t dream of squashing any grass just as i would not like people to squash my grass so…rest assured…guests of mine are usually whipped into line..or i feed them to the fish.

  4. shirleepoel says:

    The competition starts only on 6.5. and yet some lucky fellas are already hauling in great catches…wow…
    Can anyone advise on the best time for fishing (favourable tide) ?
    By the way, am i right to assume that on other non-competition days,……I can bring guests? Can anyone advise?

  5. Wow! Another great catch!

    Caught by Mohd Nor (P2) in the early hours of May 1st. He says it weighs about 8 kgs – enough for 16 people! Mohd Nor, there are at least two more like this one? Otherwise why show three fingers?

  6. I am having this for dinner tonight:

    Caught by WK Choo,a strong contender for the Kingfisher Trophy (if there is a donor, heh heh), earlier today. weighs 1.04 kg. It was still alive while on the scale.

  7. shirleepoel says:

    Hmm…. just my thoughts…this is a great way to get the community together though i wish the ruling could be tweaked just a little to allow 1 member to bring 1 guest (lol…at least my brothers can take turns, i come from a family of fishing enthusiasts ) It is not about winning but just the chance to wield the rod and see what ‘s going to be at the end of the line…Anyway, i am an avid angler myself but unfortunately..i feel most comfortable and have more feel with handreels. I know , people say…yeah, big fishes can take your fingers off,..well so far so good….big fishes love my line : ) Anyway , does anyone have any idea how big the fishes are at sg langat? (the ones caught so far?) 2 kgs ? more? Another question. only rods allowed?

    • We’ll have to wait and see if we can accommodate guests. You see, P2 jetty is not very large and we do not want loud splashes to disturb the fish. These loud splashes happen when an angler hooks someone standing nearby by the ear or nostril and tosses him or her into the river.

      A competitor may use hand reels, of course. A definite NO to cast nets, heh heh.

      We all wish there are fish in the Sungai Langat so large it can bite off fingers. Fishes caught thus far have exceeded 3 kgs, if what they have told me can be believed. I’ve seen catches in the 500gm -2 kg range.

      Choo once failed to land a Siakap that was so huge it kind of stretched out the hook a bit. Mohd Nor swears by this.

      So I hope we’ll see you there beating the men.

  8. wkchoo says:

    Some comments,
    1. What happen if there are no winner for the any particular months? You might catch nothing sometimes.
    2. In order to qualify for the “Grand champion price”, the participant must have at least join a minimum numbers of competition during the period. This is to make it fair for all.

    Thanks for organising this!! Bravo.

    • Any Prize that is not won shall be added to the following month’s competition to make the cash haul a bigger one, thus attracting more interest. Good point, so it shall be added to the rules in due course.

      Since the accumulated weight of the catches determines the winner of the Kingfisher Challenge Throphy (winner gets to hold it for a year – any donor?) setting a minimum number has nothing to do with fairness (in theory, the fewer competitions the lower the potential catch) but everything to do with making sure there are enough participants. Okay, we’ll set a minimum of four (4) monthly competitions in order to qualify for the grand prize. Seems fair.

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