Some common sense, please.

Of late there is a lot of fishing activity at the P2 jetty.

That’s good because people are enjoying the facility. However, many are guests and this is what residents have to contend with:

Cars parked at the Damar Bayu 2 and Damar Bayu 5 junction.

Cars parked right at the junction of Damar Bayu 2.

How nice, parking under a tree on a carpet of grass.

Well, let’s be fair to the owner(s) who brought these guests into GC. At present we do not have a house rule against parking of vehicles at these places. There are no signs to warn that cars cannot be parked at these places and no signs to warn of possible clamping of vehicles parked indiscriminately.  These are measures that exist even in third-rate clubs. But not in Glenmarie Cove.

You may wonder where are the security guards to prevent this. Well, even if they are around what can they do if these people were to simply say “there is no rule to say I cannot park here” or “who says I cannot park on the grass?”.

A number of members have emailed me asking for updates since our AGM. That’s easy – nothing. We are still waiting for GCD to respond to the issues raised during the Association’s AGM. Meanwhile, we still have our money and I hope our members will not waver.

However, the GCROA Committee has presented a final draft of the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for security to Mr. Balachandran of GCD and is near completion of the House Rules intended to deal with issues like above and more. These are items included in our AGM wish list and Mr. Balachandran has shown a willingness to get these documents completed. The Committee feels the SOP and the House Rules are very important, whatever the differences that presently exist between the GCROA and the management company. So let us wait and see if Mr. Balachandran has a real desire for these instruments to be finalized so problems like these can be dealt with by the (new?) guard company.

In the meantime, if you have a guest in GC, please tell him or her to use some common sense. It is really a no-brainer that a car should not be parked on  the grass.

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4 Responses to Some common sense, please.

  1. hteow says:

    They are simply brain dead or just plain inconsiderate they way I look at it. There’s one time I saw a 4 wheeler parked close to the barbeque grill where the family with some children was having a feast. Could it have flown there? Go figure..

  2. yfyin says:

    The worst I saw was in last week, a Datuk’s Guest parking his car right in the middle of the path going into the boardwalk, I have to cycle on the grass to exit. Real no-brainer!

  3. dl2a15 says:

    I am holding my payment till we see some progress.

  4. boyscout2b says:

    Huh!? I thought P2 jetty was “unsafe” and “not opened to residents” as CFO not issued yet; although I have seen boats anchored there and many anglers fishing from the jetty.

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