Let there be lights ….Update I

On Saturday 7th I received through the mail a carbon copy of a letter dated 15 March, 2012 from the Jabatan Kerja Raya (Public works Department) to Glenmarie Cove Development (GCD). It took 22 days to reach me by snail mail!

This letter was in response to GCD’s request for road humps (bonggol) at the Jalan Telok Gong entrance. The GCROA is being informed as we had written to JKR to ask that they enforce the installation of traffic lights at GC’s main entrance failing which JKR must at least allow road humps for safety reasons.

Below is a translation of the salient points of the letter from JKR:

We refer to your (GCD’s) letter dated 28th February 2012 and our letter reference JKR/KLG.690/D/2002.

We wish to notify that in accordance with the terms and conditions approved for Road and Drainage Plans dated 23rd September 2003, among the conditions imposed on the developer are:

  1. The developer is required to upgrade the road to four (4) lanes from Jalan Telok Gong and Jalan Pandamaran facing the said development area until the traffic light intersection on the Pulau Indah Highway – item 2 (b)
  2. The developer is required to construct traffic lights at the two (2) intersection between Jalan Telok Gong and Jalan Pandamaran – item 2(c).
  3. The developer is required to a submit a bank guarantee in the form of security deposit of RM50,000.00in the name of State Director of Public Works Selangor D.E covering a period of twelve (12) months from the date of Certificate of Fitness of the foundation of the buildings.
    This aims is to ensure that you implement any of the conditions imposed, including regulating and supervising the scope of design and construction of your development – item 2(j).
  4. The developer is required to submit report on “Road Safety Auditor” recognized by JKR to evaluate the design of the said intersections – item 2(d).

Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that the area facing your development will always be in in safe and serviceable conditions where the LOS (Level of Serviceability) is on the accepted level until twelve (12) months after the end of Certificate of Fitness.

In relation to your application to apply road bumps and yellow lines for safety reasons, this office is of the opinion, to improve safety measures, the construction of traffic lights at the intersection is appropriate as stated as above in item 2 (b).

JKR’s position seems certain and final. They are pointing to conditions made way back in 2002. I’m not sure why the imposition of the RM50,000  bank guarantee is mentioned in item (c), above other than perhaps this money is still not paid. If that is the case, I hope JKR’s credit control department will be as efficient as GCD’s.

Now that JKR has officially copied the letter to the GCROA, I suppose there is no harm asking JKR to clarify what the consequences will be if GCD fails to meet the above conditions, which date back to 2002! If there is no time frame, what are the use of the conditions?

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3 Responses to Let there be lights ….Update I

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  2. hteow says:

    We really need those lights for the safety of all GC residents regardless if they are GCROA members or not. I personally had a close encounter with an overtaking car when I was leaving one morning

  3. wkchoo says:

    Yes, we should use this opportunity to followup vigorously and put extra pressure on GCD. The momentum had already been generated and will keep the lights shining throughout!

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