Do not throw stones in a glass house

From the website at 5:42PM, April 7, 2012.

As the boat club and commercial village are both missing from the latest brochure published by GCD, some of you may want to see this screen grab one more time before the said facilities (highlighted in green at left) are removed. While in the website, click to view the concept.

It has been said the accuracy of GCROA’s blog is questionable. I hope we will get to know which is more accurate, GCD’s website or GCD’s brochure. I guess one shouldn’t throw stones if one lives in a glass house.


Thanks to yfyin for the information regarding another website and this one is even more bizarre. I think it is an earlier site that no one bothered to delete. On this page,, the reader will see this:

Boat Club

There’s a river and the wide-open sea waiting to be explored, and Glenmarie Cove’s Boat Club is the perfect place to get started. Launch and dock your own boats here at this exclusive residents’ club. Take a romantic river cruise and watch the sunset on the water. Rent a speedboat or kayak for a trip out to the open sea of the Straits of Malacca or neighbouring Carey Island to see the sights.

River & Open-Sea Fishing

Glenmarie Cove is your gateway to fishes galore. Grab your fishing gear and head on out to the boardwalk for an impromptu fishing trip. Hop into a speedboat and try your luck further along the river, or even venture out for some open-sea fishing on the Straits of Malacca.

A Whole New Shopping Experience
Relax and soak in the festive atmosphere of Glenmarie Cove’s bazaar-inspired commercial precinct. With stores catering to all your needs, be it reading materials, clothing, boating, fishing and golfing accessories, or even a brand new hairdo, you’ll definitely want to come back for more.

 Wine & Dine

Take some time out and pamper the gourmet in you at the tempting array of cafes and restaurants within the commercial precinct. Glenmarie Cove’s riverfront location means you can tuck into the freshest seafood around, right on the water’s edge.

Except for the blurb on Fishing, the other highlights simply do not exist. Doesn’t someone check inaccuracies like these?

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3 Responses to Do not throw stones in a glass house

  1. yfyin says:

    I hope all buyers and residents are awake now and start pressing for what we are offered earlier, especially those who bought into :” The Riverfront Resort Lifestyle Home”.
    How many ten years does a person has?, by the time they are available, you might be too old to walk let alone go fishing on a boat.

  2. shirleepoel says:

    They’re really ” Liar liar, pants on fire !”

  3. yfyin says:

    They have 2 websites, just type in Glenmarie Cove and both website addresses will appear. They have already finished selling both P1 and P2 and yet the so call: Clubhouse for this two sections have not even started building ….

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